What’s this all about?

The Rally event by Jeffco United for Action was HUGE yesterday! It was reported that it backed up 6th Avenue and 600 cars were turned away!  Lots of questions are coming up, so we want to ensure you have the correct information:


Where Can I Go To Sign or Get A Petition?



How can I join in and volunteer?



How do I register to vote or check my voter registration?




Yes, you can sign all three petitions! Even if you don’t live in that district!

Any registered voter in the Jefferson County Public Schools district can sign!

15,000 signatures need to be collected per petition.

They have 60 days to get it done!

If you are a U.S. Citizen and 18 years of age or older, you can carry a petition.


Now, what is this all about?


  • Wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on their own attorney and public relations consultants.
  • Ignored legal advice and walked away from valuable property.
  • $280,000 annual compensation for new superintendent whose highest level of experience is just over 3 years as an assistant superintendent in Dougco (a much smaller and less diverse school district).
  • $850,000 to GT programming, contrary to Community Budget Survey.
  • Over $7 million diverted to charter school equalization, contrary to wishes of the community on the Community Budget Survey.
  • Consistently opposed putting needed funds into reserves.
  • Reduced public comment time to one minute to three minutes per person, depending upon the direction of the wind on the night of board meetings.


  • Attempted to move students out of their neighborhood schools, without talking to the community first.
  • Attempted to cut two thirds of the nursing staff at Fletcher Miller (Jeffco school for most medically fragile students) without any community input.
  • Tried to censor AP US History classes, angering citizens and prompting thousands of students to walk out in protest.
  • Hiring of a separate board attorney for the first time in board history despite no community input or discussion with minority board members. A violation of State Sunshine Law.
  • Process for hiring current Superintendent included no job description and violations of State Sunshine Law.
  • Spent $40,000 on a national superintendent search with 1 finalist from Douglas County.



  • Refused to fund full-day kindergarten for our most at-risk students despite community support.
  • Failed to keep promises from the 2012 bond campaign, which voters supported to keep our kids warm, safe, and dry.
  • Limiting public comment at Board Meetings and selectively enforcing time limits and new rules.
  • Disregarded Community Budget Survey Results in budget decisions.
  • Inadequate response to correspondence to Board
  • Majority Board members involved in cyberstalking, bullying, and attempted to publicly intimidate a student at board meetings.
  • Majority board member posted links to hate group online.


No Community Input on Big Changes

(until after the fact)

  • Jefferson Plan – Discussions with the community did not take place until the plan was near finalization, neglected to provide initial info to this predominantly Latino community in Spanish.
  • Alameda Plan –No discussion with community in advance of presenting a near final plan.
  • Fletcher Miller – School community learned of losing 2 RNs after the decision had been made. After the community rallied, the school was allowed to keep its nurses.
  • Social Workers – School communities with GT Social Workers learned of losing social workers after decision had been made. After the school community rallied, the decision was reversed.
  •  Wheat Ridge Plan to relocate Everitt Middle School, Manning Option School and split Maple Grove – Motion John Newkirk at the March 5th Board meeting with NO community input, NO staff input.
  • Facilities needs in NW Arvada and Lakewood to address significant growth – After multiple presentations direction from Board. Motion by Newkirk to use 3B bond funds from 2012 -contrary to bond campaign and ballot language


Poor stewardship of taxpayers’ dollars add up! These bad decisions (with total lack of transparency) are costing the district and taxpayers.

  • $400,000 loan to Collegiate Charter School – Red Flagged on the district’s financial reports
  • $250,000 loan to Mount Phoenix Charter School –Yellow Flagged on the district’s financial reports
  • $900,000+ district property assets relinquished, endangering $15 million more in undeveloped District assets including Rooney Ranch Elementary School – contrary to Capital Asset Management Committee’s advice, Board Majority refused to appeal decision on 2090 Wright St.
  • $90,000 contract for Board attorney, Brad Miller (First time the school board has made such a hire)
  • $10,000 contract for communications firm, SE2 – to work with Board Majority (who violated Sunshine Law in private meeting before signing contract)
  • $7+ million – Raided the 2012 $39 million voter approved mill levy (3A) to use for charter school equalization, contrary to Community Budget Survey Results
  • $850,000 – G/T (Gifted and Talented) program contrary to Community Budget Survey Results
  • $280,000 annual compensation for 3 year contract for new “Rookie” superintendent
  • $50,000 Novitas Communications -The contract term is through June 30, 2015

​$2,830,000 – Not counting the $15 Million in undeveloped district assets or $7+ Million of 3A funds to charter equalization


Our teachers are leaving! A 50% increase in great teachers leaving Jeffco!


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Our mission is to educate the Jeffco Community on the importance of supporting public education for ALL kids in Jeffco, inform the community on the current events, and to support a school board that understands the importance of educating ALL kids in Jeffco.

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