What You Should Know – Handout Materials

Several folks have asked for a list of key points. 

You can print the handout here – Hand Out Material





Out of 154 schools, Jeffco has 10 Option Schools, 16 Charter Schools, 17 neighborhood high schools, 90 elementary schools, and 22 middle schools.  Special programs include International Baccalaureate, STEM, Gifted and Talented, On-line, Special Ed, plus many others.


  • Jeffco Public Schools’ 2014 graduating class earned over $79 Million in scholarships.
  • 32 Jeffco schools received John Irwin schools Of Excellence and 20 were awarded The Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award
  • Seven Jeffco schools received gold, silver or bronze medals in the 2014 U.S. News Best High Schools rankings



Transparency – Erecting barriers to transparency to the community

Numerous occasions where the Board Majority or the Board president have not only violated their own Governance Policies, but violated the State’s Sunshine Law, as well.


  • Hiring of  “Board Attorney”, Brad Miller – (Thursday, December 12, 2013) Unbeknownst to Jeffco Board of Ed members, Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman, new board members Ken Witt, Julie Williams, and John Newkirk had already interviewed Brad Miller.   There had been no discussion with Dahlkemper and Fellman in advance. No public discussion.  No RFP process.  Continued requests for discussion from other Board Members are denied at each meeting.
  • The Board majority attempted to implement a transition plan without the knowledge or input from two of the BOE members.  Members not involved in the development of the plan only learned about it when attorney Brad Miller sent a press release.  Brad Miller, hired to represent the whole BOE, acted without authority, as he is not a district employee or the superintendent.
  • There was NEVER a job description put together for the Superintendent, despite the State Sunshine Law requiring it.  Statute CRS24-6-402(3.5)
  • Members of Board Majority met with public relations firm, SE2 prior to a signed contract (by the district).



Fiscal Accountability – Lack of stewardship of taxpayer’s dollars

  • $400,000 loan to Collegiate Charter School – Red Flagged on the district’s financial reports
  • $250,000 loan to Mount Phoenix Charter School – Yellow Flagged on the district’s financial reports
  • $900,000+ in district property forfeited, and endangering $15 million more in undeveloped District assets including Rooney Ranch Elementary School, contrary to the district’s legal counsel advice and Capital Asset Management Committee’s advice, Board Majority refused to appeal decision on 2090 Wright St.
  • $90,000 contract for Board attorney, Brad Miller.
  • $10,000 contract for public relations firm, SE2.
  • $5.5 million to charter school equalization, contrary to Community Budget Survey Results.
  • $850,000 to G/T (Gifted and Talented) program contrary to Community Budget Survey Results.
  • $280,000 total compensation for 3 year contract for new superintendent whose highest level of experience is just over 3 years as an assistant superintendent, responsible for 30,000 students (about 1/3 of Jeffco’s enrollment) and 18 schools (as opposed to Jeffco’s 154 schools)



Disregard for Community Input

  • Failure to support those students most at risk by opposing $600,000 (to extend the program) for Full Day Kindergarten for students who are Free and Reduced Lunch (35% and above poverty).
  • Limiting public comment (May 27th, only 22 out of 85+ people signed up were allowed to speak); locking building doors in advance of board meetings, restricting entry to 7-8 people at a time; requiring those entering to be escorted to the Board Room; no signs allowed in the board room, no visual aids allowed by speakers.
  • Failure to heed advice of district’s Financial Oversight Committee, Capital Asset Management Committee, and Strategic Planning and Advisory Committee in budget decisions.
  • Disregarded Community Budget Survey Results in budget decisions.
  • Failure to keep promises to voters from 3A/3B 2012 Mill/Bond campaign.


 For more information:  www.supportjeffcokids.org