What does Fair Tax Colorado mean for Jeffco Schools?

What does Fair Tax Colorado mean for Jeffco Schools?

  • This year, the district reported a state revenue decrease of $30.6 million.
  • The district’s share of the increased B.S. Factor is $51,987,122 (now over a Billion Dollars statewide)
  • Jeffco’s cumulative loss since 2009/10 is $874.6 million

Fair Tax Colorado would provide for an increase in funding between 8.3% – 13.8%:

$53.5 Million – $89.1 Million Annual On-Going Revenue *

*Why the range?  Due to the economic uncertainty related to COVID-19

According to Colorado Association of School Boards:

Unlike local Mill Levy Override (MLO) elections where school districts have looked to increase local property taxes to help offset losses in state share funding for their local school district, this initiative is statewide and would raise revenue for all school districts, while supporting other state budget priorities.  Based on US Census Bureau data on income levels, in Jefferson County R-1 School District:

  • 95.75% of households will experience a tax decrease
  • 4.25 % of households will experience a tax increase

If Jefferson County R-1 School District looked to local voters to raise this same amount of revenue, a local MLO election would require all property tax payers (residential and business) in the school district to approve an increase of between 4.92 and 8.19 mills in a local MLO election.

Here’s a link to Fair Tax Colorado’s page that will connect anyone who is either interested in signing a petition or getting a petition to collect signatures.  https://fairtaxcolorado.org/sign-a-petition/

We also have petitions available to anyone interested in collecting signatures, or if you want to sign a petition:


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