What are your values? Get ready to vote!

During this difficult time when our communities and families are struggling to survive on a daily basis, some of the ballot measures that we will vote on this November will have a greater impact than any other election year in recent Colorado history.   Voters will be asked to vote their values.

Some of these ballot measures will directly impact funding for our public schools: 

Amendment B – Real Property Tax Assessment Rates


See:  What is Amendment B – Real Property Tax Assessment Rates

One will determine what kind of funding the state will have to provide any state services, much less public education:

Amendment B – Yes, please!


Proposition 116 State Income Tax Reduction


See What is Proposition 116 – State Income Tax Reduction

Prop 116 – No, thanks!

Polis: Oppose Prop 116


It would be short-sighted and naïve to ignore the reality that our communities’ investment in public infrastructure that is meant to serve the immediate students, but also students for generations to come. Our schools serve as community centers for sports, the arts and other gatherings. They provide safe harbors during and after natural disasters. Our public schools and assets, which have been acquired with public money, belong to our community members, to the students they serve today and to those they will serve in the future.

During this COVID crisis, already underfunded public schools, have been asked to do more with less. Schools are serving as meal distribution locations for students (and families were often included). They need to purchase PPE and adjust classrooms for physical distancing. They need to provide devices and hot spots for continued remote learning. And they need to support student learning and social-emotional needs.  This all requires significant additional resources that our schools are still waiting on Congress to provide.

Overall, our decisions as voters this November will either set our state on a downward spiral for future years to come, or allow us to survive the repercussions from this COVID crisis.

Our children’s futures are on the receiving end of our decisions.  It’s time to stop playing politics and focus on investing in quality public schools so that every Colorado student has the freedom and opportunity they deserve to reach his or her full potential and to participate meaningfully in the civic and economic life. Investing, not divesting, such as these ballot measures that will cut away at funding from our schools, public institutions and state provided services

Take the time to educate yourself on these measures.  Fortunately, Coloradans have Mail-In Ballots that allow us the time to sit at our kitchen table and read through the ballot so we understand what we are voting on.   For more information on these ballot measures  and others on the November ballot that will determine our state’s future, our childrens’ futures:

The Details on 11 Ballot Measure for Colorado Voters

“They say, if you want to know what a community values, look at how its children are treated.  If you want a sense of what a community hopes for the future, look at how it values its schools.”  Colorado Education Network