We’re Not Done Yet

We know the after election stuff can be rough! But let’s focus on the positive and remind ourselves that we can rebuild and should take the time to lick those wounds but refocus on the positive and what is best for 86,000 children and 900,000 children .

Take a look at Amendment 73 results:


While the result are 45% to 54%, 1,079,147 people in Colorado said YES! (11:55 am 11/12/18)

That’s 9%, down from 10.5% earlier, that we lost by but remember that :

1,079,147 people voted YES!

In Jefferson County, 47.39% people said yes to Amendment 73. That means 140,187 people said YES! (11:55 am 11/12/18)

For our Bond initiative in Jeffco, 5B, we are now in the yes column! ***Bond results are still not final!

148,488 people said YES!

For our mill levy, 5A, 163,029 people said YES!

The point is, we did a good job! We can still do better and, just like we tell our children, sometimes it takes a lot of wrong answers to get to the right one.

We keep going because:

We’re not done yet!