Welcoming Environment at Vivian!

Reading through Letters to the Board on BoardDocs, we found this lovely and welcoming letter from the Principal’s Secretary at Vivian. We thought we’d share so everyone can see yet another wonderful and welcoming letter from a fabulous staff member! Jeffco is so special and amazing! Go Vivian!!!

I am writing this letter to the Jeffco Board of Education members, about the proposed closure of Stober Elementary and the re-draw of boundary lines that would send those students and families to Vivian Elementary.

I am the principal’s secretary at Vivian Elementary, and also a proud Jeffco parent (class of 2017, go Standley Lake Gators!), and I have lived in Jeffco for most of the last 30 years. I would not presume to know what others feel or think, but I believe I understand the feeling of being connected to a Jeffco community. Those connections are what make us a strong, nurturing community for our kids. This is my 7th year at Vivian Elementary, and I can say with complete honesty and trust, we are an open, welcoming staff who will work their hardest, to grow all our kids.

In this year, the staff at Vivian Elementary have celebrated our growth in moving from a CDE status of Priority Improvement, to Improvement. This academic achievement represents the hard work and dedication of the Vivian teaching staff. Our school is partnered for the next two years with the CDE Turnaround Network, with resources including grant funding, to support our teacher’s professional learning. Our staff are committed to refining their teaching practices to purposefully work with student data, in professional learning groups every week. They continually assess and analyze their students’ progress, to target their needs in order to move them forward and expand their content mastery. As a current Title I school, many of our kids come to school with challenges. We have three center programs, and many of our kids come with special education plans. True academic growth, such as we have attained, illustrates the dedication and commitment of our staff to be the best teachers that they can be, so that all kids will learn and grow. I know this staff, and that dedication and care will extend to Stober kids. We are ready to grow, we can easily add classrooms in our current space, and hire the best teachers out there to be part of our work with CDE to be the best we can be for our kids. We have staff members who, in their careers, have been through school closures and consolidations, and their experiences and perspectives will be an asset as we grow our school.

As a school community, I want to invite the Stober community to visit Vivian, and get to know us. Our parents are diverse and welcoming. We have a small PTA and School Accountability group that would encourage involvement and input from all parents, and I know they would do their best to make Stober families feel connected to their new school at Vivian.

This is a difficult time, and I understand these decisions are hard and not made lightly. It is my hope that it is conveyed to the Stober community that we would welcome them, we want them to be part of us, and we will teach, grow, care for, and love their children.


Kelly Smith

Thank you Ms. Smith for Supporting Jeffco Kids!