#WeAreJeffco Sharing is Caring!

The #WeAreJeffco hashtag was started by those of us in the community who come together to support our great schools and who do the work to support campaigns that positively impact our students. Same with #StandUp4Kids.

One of the things you can do to help share the facts about school funding issues is to share posts on social media. You can also share your own thoughts and facts to start discussion with your friends and raise awareness to the issues and help to gather supporters who will continue the great work to Support Jeffco Kids.

Here are a few items YOU can share:

  • The negative factor impacts our kids! The total cuts to our students amounts to an estimated $831Million through 16-17. #WeAreJeffco
  • Property tax increases don’t add to education funding and the community is FORCED to run mill/bond campaigns to increase funding in Colorado. http://bit.ly/2fc1sOQ #StandUp4Kids
  • Does Colorado provide schools with the resources to ensure all children receive the quality education they need to grow and succeed in the 21st century? Many Coloradoans agree the answer is “no.” http://bit.ly/2eO9UVN #SupportJeffcoKids
  • Is marijuana helping to fund our schools? No!  http://bit.ly/2gnUvMg #WeAreJeffco
  • Is TABOR a good thing? Do you understand the implications to our schools due to TABOR when voters don’t approve mill/bond issues? https://youtu.be/vWVDuNJdKeQ #WeAreJeffco
  • Are you a tax policy expert? If not, watch this so you can understand the need to be an educated community member. https://youtu.be/vWVDuNJdKeQ #WeAreJeffco

Copy and paste, share with your friends! Use the hashtags to join together to spread education funding awareness! We can’t reach the entire community without you!

Though the opposition to our children and student funding likes to latch on to our work, they’ve yet to come up with an original idea. #GetYourOwnHashtag

There are more of us who support education in this community than there is opposition to our children. Join us and do your part to educate others on the facts! There is #PowerinJeffco!

Sharing is caring!