We Support Dr. Jason Glass

Today, May 16th, 2017, our Jeffco Board of Education listened to public comment for over an hour, following which they made the vote that may very well be the most important during their terms in office. The meeting was the best attended that we’ve seen for quite some time.

The excitement and joy in the room was abundant. We were all delighted to welcome this change and commit to a new leader for Jeffco Schools.

Jonna and Shawna provided public comment with a lovely group of friends in support of Dr. Jason Glass. During this comment, we provided the Board with a letter of support that included five pages worth of names of our Jeffco friends who signed on. Following is the letter. If you’d like your name added, we’re happy to do so, just email us at admin@supportjeffcokids.org.

May 16th, 2017

Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education

RE:       Hiring of Dr. Jason Glass, Superintendent Finalist

First, we’d like to thank all of you for your service. We appreciate that you carry the weight of the district, its students, staff and schools on your shoulders as you strive to make thoughtful decisions to ensure a bright future for our Jeffco Schools.

As supporters of Jeffco Schools, we constantly and consistently advocate for public education and for quality public education for ALL of Jeffco’s kids.

We would like to express our strong support for the hire of Dr. Jason Glass as the new Jeffco Superintendent. Dr. Glass is an excellent choice for Jeffco Schools and our Jeffco community.

We are parents, community members, educators, retired educators, retired administrators, and business representatives.


Shawna Fritzler
Jonna Levine
Support Jeffco Kids
Michael Clark
Citizens for Responsible Education (CRE)
Phyllis Writz
Casey Gardner
Tammy Story
Nina Banks
Tammy Kerr
Bob Zachman
Jill Moynihan
Wendi Strom
Jeff Yeager
Annie Bitsie
Nancy Hardesty
Beth Low
Wendy McCord
Gina Quirk
Wenda Wilson
Phil Wilson
Katie Vernon
Jeff Lamontagne
Andy Kerr
Lesley Dahlkemper
Mike Feely
Bill Bottoms
Gina Writz
Deb Guiducci
Bobbi Sanchez
Bradley Cook
Molly Snyder
Cheryl Mosier
Chris Mosier
Nicolette Reynolds
Jennifer Allport
Linda Millard
Jean Noble
Ann Gallegos
Cassie Tanner
Martha Tate
Margaret Lessenger
Marley Steele-Inama
EuELL Santistevan Jr.
Kirsten Boyd
Carolyn Wolfrum
Simone Poe
Andrew Poe
Jill McGranahan
Kim Richards
Jodi Lundin
Gail Martin
Patricia Besch
Katrina Prill
Leah Martinez
Kelly Price
Annie Postles Reschak
Rheana Rogers
Heather Gabriszeski
Kay Slater
Rachel Sheesley
CeXochitl De La Torre
Kristen Ching Simon and family
Amy Woodley
Betty Crist
Lori Keesey
Karla Jones
Heather Douglass
Rick Moody
Darcy Wood
Pam Campbell
Brenda Bronson
Blanche Kapushion
Stephanie Rossi
Jeanne Tobin
Maurae Gab
Erin Anna
Amanda Benson
Babette Norton
Suzanne McClung
Gillian Lange-Kemper
Laura Velapoldi
Jennifer Blackwell
Darcie Weiser
Rhiannon Jones Gallagher
Eva Frickle
Michelle Gallagher
Lisa Lee-Hampton
Cyndy Hampton
Laura Schulkind
Carl Greg Hamm
Cassandra Ewert-Lamutt
Becky Paschke
Cassie Alley
Tina DeLisa-Bosse
Mandy Lemig
Andrea Mesec
Toni Budoff
Carol W. Coleman
Traci Dillard
Lorri Avery
Cyndy Hampton
Christina Hubbard
Mandy Bowen Cooke
Rhiannon Wenning
Kimberly Douglas
Amy Nitta
Jeff Kirk
Sarah Duffy
Marí Vasel
Colleen Keefe
Sharon Bangasser McManus
Carrie MaKenna
Mandy Jo Cutting
Michele Patterson
Katherine Amato
Christy Yacano
Shari Crist
Betty Crist
Gina Doucett
Jack Van Ens
Sandy Van Ens
Lori Weigel
Roberta Lott-Holmes
Chris Snell Nielson
Mary Ross
Bill Ross
Wendy Leach-Flusche
Leanna Rutka
Marilou Griego
Tom Griego
Therese Batts
Tria Dassler
Tony Tochtrop
Stephen C. Selle
Suzie Garramone
Judy Pierce
Bill Pierce
Stephanie Eudaly
Christie Spanarella
Gary Spanarella
Vickie Stewart
Dr. Paul Cook
Dr. Lisa Cook
Lori Rubin
Mike Rubin
Jon Cefkin
Nicole Croy
Lisa Cutter
Jeff Garkow
Harriet Hall
Elizabeth Panzer
Jane Banzin
Lara Center
Karyn Peabody
Michelle Pettine-Burnett
Dawn Fritz
Robin Chalker
Charlie Chalker
Katherine Dockerty
Nancy Blanton
James Buck
Scott Romano
Opal Hilty
Donna Ostwald
Alma Moore
Amy Vaughan
Clint Bodine
Scott Capron
Jenna Mundell
Regina Stewart
Terri Straut
Teresa Louis-Tomlinson
Deborah Bacon
Joi-Lin Russell
Monica Smith
Melanie Abel
Carol Wilsey
Julia Vitanyi
Amy Burke
David Burke
Jen Granbery
Jane Johnson
Maggie Ruddy
Todd Collins
Jill Van de Water
Spud Van de Water
Sara Gagliardi
Barb Dachtler
Steph Smith
Bruce Miller
Gina Brown
Casey Brown
Kathy Frank
Samantha Loomis
Lisa Franklin
Sheryl Olenius Bowen
Jim Bowen
Margaret Ochoa
Ami Prichard
Robert Putka
Julie Oxenford O’Brian, PhD
Janet Hopkins
Cindy Pearson
Dr. Courtney L. Everson, PhD
Corinne Gray
Richard Gibbins