We Need A Bigger Pie

Colorado schools have been struggling for years to provide all the resources needed to educate our students. Coloradans want more resources and opportunities but we aren’t funding them.

Our public school students are funded at $2,685 per student below the national average.   To continue to look at how to re-slice the pie that we already know is way too small is simply irresponsible.

Colorado has one of the best economies in the nation, ranked on top in overall state economy and state job market, yet we continue to be plagued by the Budget Stabilization Factor – dollars owed to our public education system – to the tune of approximately $830 million. In some school districts, a starting teacher salary would be classified as poverty level earnings, and 49% of our state’s school districts are on or have schools on a 4 day school week.

In Colorado we fund our students well below our neighboring states – $8,000 per pupil below Wyoming, $4,500 per pupil below Nebraska, and $2100 per pupil below Kansas.

Something needs to change – and it’s not how to redistribute funding that falls short.

“They say, if you want to know what a community values, look at how its children are treated. If you want a sense of what a community hopes for the future, look at how it values its schools.”

When we invest in public education, we invest in the future.