We are Support Jeffco Kids

Support Jeffco Kids is sharing our public comment from the June 11th Board of Education meeting. We appreciate so many of our volunteers showing up to stand with us!


We are Support Jeffco Kids. 


As you prepare to provide final budget direction for the 2015/2016 Budget this evening, we wanted to remind you per Board executive limitation policy, EL-5 ,“Financial planning for any fiscal year shall not deviate materially from the Board’s Ends policies, risk fiscal jeopardy or fail to be derived from a multi-year plan.”


We remind you of this, because we believe, over the last year and a half Mr. Witt, Mr. Newkirk and Mrs. Williams (our “board majority”) have been in office, this has either been forgotten or conveniently ignored.   We’d like to underscore the part “Risk Fiscal Jeopardy.”


In the past 18 months with the new board majority we have seen serious fiscal mismanagement and  Lack of Accountability, including:


•             Approving $90k for a board attorney (not district legal counsel) who offers no value

•             Approved over $60k for contracts for communications and PR firms to date

•             Approved $280k annual compensation for a 3 year contract for an inexperienced superintendent (we noted in agenda item 6.04 tonight, that contract gets extended additional years to 2019)

•             Approved $650k in loans to charters schools who were yellow and red Flagged on the district financials – is it true there are no written agreements between the district and these schools for these loans?

•             And you have raided the 2012 Mill Levy Funds to the tune of $7.1 Million – and will no doubt look to add another $2.5M tonight, under the guise of charter school equalization


Most recently, you’ve designated $15 million for new school construction only, ignoring staff expertise that this is not enough to build a school, and you then proceeded to direct staff to “look in other places” for the $10 million needed.   Meanwhile, ignoring staff advice and the advice of the Capital Asset Advisory Committee as well as that of the Financial Oversight Committee to approve COP’s to build adequately constructed schools (not modular) needed to address the overcrowding as well as complete Sierra Phase II, which is long over due.


We have watched you ignore 2 years of community feedback and budget survey results, which you will not doubt do again tonight, although the community has repeatedly asked that our teachers’ compensation be among the top priorities.


Yes.  We have watched and we are paying attention.  Unlike this board majority, we are vested in this community.  We ARE this Community.  Many of us who stand before you have dedicated endless hours and personal resources to support and pass the 2012 mill/bond, only to watch you carelessly mishandle district resources with No TRANSPARENCY to your decisions, a disgusting LACK of ACCOUNTABILITY, and complete DISREGARD FOR COMMUNITY. We formed Support Jeffco Kids, because it was obvious you do Not.