We Are Blessed!

Sent from an amazing volunteer! We couldn’t agree more! Don’t take Jeffco Schools for granted, please Vote YES on the Recall!


From: Kaye Cantwell
Subject: Letter to community


As I attend my third night in a row of fabulous Ralston Valley High School presentations (overlooking the dramatic overcrowding and bursting-at-the seams auditorium and gymnasium), I see the outcome of clear teacher devotion and amazing students.


The academic achievement presentations, followed by two nights of choral music magic, leaves me feeling very proud of the kids, but in awe of the accomplishments and commitment of the teachers. As a parent of one, I know teenagers are not an easy stage of human
development to work with. With this inspirational few nights of witnessing how well our Jeffco teachers manage this, I have to encourage you all to please educate yourself on the upcoming School Board Ballot and Election.


We have excellent schools, teachers, and high achieving students. I have worked in the poorest school districts in the Mississippi Delta in my youth, and I KNOW how blessed my children are to attend the public schools available to us here.


Please don’t take this for granted. Please vote your appreciation of
quality public schools. Please vote to not squeeze more out of less resources.
And please vote to make room for the booming growth of homes, families, and STUDENTS spilling out across our rolling plains. They are our future.