Watch Video – Learn about Fact Finding

In response to an abundance of questions about keeping promises and compensating our teachers, Jonna Levine of Support Jeffco Kids sits down with Kerrie Dallman, President of Colorado Education Assocation, former President of Jefferson County Education Association, and Pomona High School Social Studies Teacher to learn about Fact Finding.

Watch the video here –


A few key points to consider:

  • Place holder moved from $11 million to $18 million – does that mean that our teachers will definitely get an increase?  No.
  • First time since the 1960’s that both sides have reached an agreement and the Board of Education has failed to approve the agreement.
  • Fact finding includes a neutral 3rd party, both sides present testimony during a hearing for the fact finder to consider.  Both sides can present written and witness testimony.
  • The Board is not required to follow the decision of the fact finder.
  • The ultimate decision makers are the Jeffco Board of Education.
  • The fact finder is paid.  The cost is an approximate $1000 per day just for the fact finder. 
  • The entire agreement was sent to fact finding rather than just the items that were not agreed upon.  Because of this full agreement being sent, the process could take 7 to 10 days.
  • Under the JCEA negotiated agreement, both sides split the cost.  So Jeffco Schools and JCEA will each pay 50% of these costs.  Those are monies that could have been used for children in Jeffco.
  • Results of fact finding are non-binding.  This essentially means that the $18 million held for compensation may not come to fruition.  We hope this is NOT the case and promises to our teachers are kept.


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