Vaping Room or Bathroom, Empower Your Kids

The Colorado Sun shared that Colorado has the highest youth vaping rates in the entire country.

This is not something to be proud of and we need to address it. This is something all parents need to take action on. SJK Jr. (now in high school) calls the bathrooms at school the vaping room with toilets. This is not a reflection on her school, this is a reflection of what every high school is looking like at this point and middle schools are finding it to be a problem as well.


Are your kids too afraid to “tell?” Download the Safe2Tell app or go to the website and have them submit a tip as to who has it, who is providing it, and/or where others are doing it.

Our legislators, including two from Jeffco, Representative Chris Kennedy and Representative Kerry Tipper, ran HB19-1033 (the bill is awaiting the Governor’s signature now) to help and support local jurisdictions in battling the problem.

“Sections 1, 2, and 4 of the bill authorize a county to enact a resolution or ordinance that prohibits a minor from possessing or purchasing cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products. Sections 1 and 2 also authorize a county to impose regulations on cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products that are more stringent than statewide regulations, including prohibiting sales to a person under 21 years of age, and section 4 expressly authorizes a county to enact a resolution or ordinance regulating the sale of cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products to minors. Section 3 expressly authorizes a statutory or home rule city or town to enact an ordinance regulating the sale of cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products to minors.”

To deal with this issue at home, parents need to be having conversations with their kids. Tobacco Free Jeffco has several resources for us to use:

Frequently Asked Questions

“How can I tell if or what kids are vaping?

That’s part of the problem – it can be very hard to tell if a teen is vaping. Not only do manufacturers make discreet devices that resemble flash drives, highlighters and more, but they also do not have the same strong odor that is often a giveaway for parents and teachers. Vaping is so discreet, in fact, that students have been known to vape during class.”


Tip Sheet: Talking to Youth

“What should I do if I find out my child is vaping?”

Our teachers and staff are trying to help with this issue but, let’s be honest, our role as parents is far more impactful and important in stopping this activity. Everyone needs to have conversations with their kids, frequently.

Here are a few more resources to read as well as videos that you can watch with your kids:

Start the Conversation

Sometimes adults need help to start the conversation about health topics they’re not familiar with, like e-cigarettes. This tip sheet offers ideas for conversation starters, if you need a little help. Print it for yourself or share it with your children. Ask them what they think after reading the tip sheet.