Values, An Important Reminder

While this article is focused on our neighbors to the south (Douglas County), we wanted to point out it’s a seriously good reminder to those of us who truly care about our public schools in Jefferson County and who worked hard in 2015 in support of the Recall.

First of all – it’s a reminder of how important it is we make sure we have elected school board members who hold the same values as the community – especially when we’re talking about things like vouchers.   Even if our state legislators hold strong in opposing vouchers (and other similar tools to privatize our schools), the board of education is one place they can be introduced (just as Douglas County has tried) – especially with the current Federal administration’s position on vouchers.

“Two of the four, first elected in 2009, voted to allow district students to receive vouchers they could use at any private school…”

Additionally, it’s a reminder of how the wrong board members (& superintendent – Liz Fagen was DougCo superintendent during this time) will misuse taxpayer dollars to support their agenda of privatizing our schools:

“…in 2013, eager to champion new reforms, the district paid $30,000— half of it came from taxpayer funds, the other half from the district’s foundation— to the conservative American Enterprise Institute to pay for a study. ”

“A link to the Hess Report was sent out via a routine weekly email to 85,000 Douglas County parents and residents on Sept. 18, 2013.”