Vaccines, Pediatricians and Facebook

Please, please, please vaccinate your children! There is no reason in 2017 for a child to die of or suffer from a disease we once had nearly eliminated. Whooping cough has made a tremendous appearance in schools across our state because of vaccination rates dropping. This is unacceptable. What’s next? Polio?

This article from Chalkbeat relays a lot of concerning information about Colorado and immunization rates in our schools:

“Colorado has long had one of the lowest kindergarten immunization rates in the country, in part because it’s relatively easy to opt kids out of shots. The state is one of 19 that allows parents to exempt children from shots for personal or philosophical reasons — though it got a bit harder last school year.”

“In Colorado, personal belief exemptions account for nearly 90 percent of all exemptions submitted to schools and child care providers, according to state data. Parents can also claim exemptions for religious or medical reasons.”

Bad information on the internet led so many parents astray. The original individual who launched the original “vaccines cause autism” claims didn’t conduct scientific research and, in fact, LOST HIS LICENSE because of his ridiculous claims and the repercussions that injured children.

Using the goodwill of parents who are simply concerned for the safety of their children is completely unethical. The person to speak to about vaccines and any concern you may have is your pediatrician, not Facebook or any other social media site.

There are children who are not able to receive vaccines for medical reasons. The very lives of these children depend on the rest of the population taking care of vaccines to eliminate their risk of contracting diseases that can lead to death and other serious implications.

We are grateful for the new database and know many are utilizing it to keep their children protected and selecting schools. Check your own school and see what the rates are; if it’s concerning, you may want to ask the school to do some education surrounding the facts for parents:

The required vaccines for school in Colorado are:

  • Hepatitis B.
  • Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTap).
  • Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib).
  • Inactivated poliovirus (IPV).
  • Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13) or polysaccharide (PPSV23).
  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR).
  • Varicella (chicken pox).

Yes, it’s extremely easy to opt out of them. Why would you opt out of measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, or rubella? Is it really a big deal?

  • Blindness
  • Inflammation of the brain
  • Corneal ulcerations
  • Pneumonia
  • Death…

For Pertussis (Whooping Cough) alone,  58,700 deaths were recorded in 2015, nearly 0.5% of infected children less than one year of age die. All of this because someone wrote something without using science and social media fed the fears of parents.

No one should die of a disease that we’ve had a vaccination for since the 1940’s.

Sure, there are concerns but please get the facts and speak to your pediatrician to make decisions. A Facebook consensus post isn’t good for kids.