Update to your investment in 86,000 kids

This is an update to a previous, very-popular article. Please read all the way to the bottom for more information and share!

Providing an excellent education for every Jeffco student is something that every person in the county should support. Everyone benefits, even those who have no kids in schools.

Jeffco Schools is nationally recognized as one of the best large school districts in the country. We have a tradition of excellence in the classroom, on the athletic field, in the arts, and most important, in the development of good citizens. A potential mill and bond would cost Jeffco homeowners just $4.12 per month per $100,000 of home value. This is a great value for Jeffco Schools and Jeffco citizens!

What else could you do with $4.12 per month?

  • My coffee at Starbucks every day is $6.51 and that lasts me about 45 minutes. For only $4.12 a month, I can join in taking care of more than 86,000 students and helping to build bright futures for them.
  • For $12.05 I can purchase a fruit tray at King Soopers to feed my child and her friends a snack. But for less, at $4.12 a month, I can ensure those kids AND the 86,000 other kids all have an excellent teacher in every classroom across the entire district.
  • For $30.00 or $15.00, I can purchase a hoodie or tshirt to support Outdoor Lab http://outdoorlabfoundation.org/shop/. But for just $4.12, I can support 154 schools in the entire district, with nearly every building needing repairs due to their average age of 45 years. For this one, maybe I’d choose both!
  • For $1149.99, I can buy an autographed Peyton Manning jersey! Or for $29.99 could get a woman’s Broncos t-shirt at the online Broncos shop. Yet for just $4.12, I can change the futures of more than 86,000 kids who need access to STEM and technical classes to ensure they are college and workforce ready.
  • For $27.08 per month, I can get a new iPhone 6S.  But again, just $4.12 will ensure an excellent education and bright futures for more than 86,000 kids who are depending upon their community.

There are things we need to buy. There are things we want to buy. And there are things we SHOULD buy. What do 86,000 kids and 14,000 employees serving all of us mean to you? Are they a need, want, or should?

It’s a small price to pay when you consider that it is the very future of that many children. Our future workforce. Our future business owners. Our future caretakers. Our future leadership. Our future voters. You can make a difference.


***This is an update to a previous, very-popular article. Here’s an explanation as to the different numbers you may have heard about/read about – at the time of the forums, the district illustrated the package with current-at-that-time interest rates for that time period, for bonds and mill levy override, at a cost of $4.12 per month for residential value of $100,000. During the last few weeks, markets have continued to experience declining interest rates such that numbers from last week demonstrate the total costs would be around the $3.50 per month as previously indicated.  As we know, markets are not static and are ever changing. We are fortunate in Jeffco to have a great facilities team with extreme expertise in this matter.

The fabulous news for everyone in Jeffco is that this market provides excellent timing for a November mill and bond ballot issue. An excellent opportunity to maximize investment in our kids and schools with an exceptional return on investment!

Support Jeffco kids!

Every child, every day!