Until I No Longer Have to Be Afraid…

Let me be clear about several things.  I don’t want to stand on Wadworth for 2 hours showing my support for students.  I don’t want to wear the “Stand up for all students” button.  I really don’t want to spend several long nights sitting in board of education meetings.  And more than anything, I really don’t want to continually stress out about the direction in which this district is going. 


But, unfortunately, this is exactly what I have to do.  Yes, I am a teacher in Jeffco.  No, I am not a union thug who only cares about my paycheck and tenure.  No.  More importantly, I am a parent of two young Jeffco students.  The direction our district seems to be heading in frightens me to no end. 


I’m scared that a district I couldn’t wait for my kids to begin school in, has now become one that I have serious doubts about.  I’m scared that Jeffco’s best teachers will flee for other higher paying districts.  I’m frightened that my kids’ neighborhood schools will lose out on much needed funds that have instead been wasted on legal fees and charter schools that are failing. 


I am afraid my property value will drop when our neighborhood schools go in the tank.  I am afraid that public education seems to be for sale and that my kids will ultimately pay the price for it. 


So, I guess until I no longer have to be afraid, I will continue to #standup4kids at all costs.  I hope you will too.  In the meantime, happy teacher appreciation week to all you awesome teachers out there.