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Jeffco is speaking very clearly!


The Board of Education Majority should have listened to the demands from the community! The overwhelming numbers of correspondence to the Board and record number of attendees at Board Meetings since the first objections were raised in December 2013! We demand accountability, transparency, respect and proper use of taxpayer dollars for our children!


The latest press release from Jeffco United for Action:


July 28, 2015
Contact: Lynea Hansen
Jeffco Parents Collect More Than 111,000 Signatures in 17 Days
Overwhelming Support for Recalls on November Ballot
Golden, CO – Today, Jeffco parents, educators and community members rolled over 111,000 signatures in little red wagons into the Jeffco Clerk’s office to recall Jeffco Schools Board of Education members Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams. They turned in just over 37,000 signatures for each of the three board membersto the Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder. 
“We’ve seen such amazing support over the last few weeks. We have had people seeking us out at sporting events, coffee shops, grocery stores and parks all across the district to sign,” began Tina Gurdikian, a mom of two Jeffco Schools students.
In an unprecedented move, we as a community collected more than double the number of signatures needed to recall school board members Witt, Newkirk and Williams. The message is clear, the people of Jefferson County want to hold this Board Majority accountable and demand a recall vote on November 3rd,” continued Gurdikian.
“We have done our job, and now it’s time to let the people vote on November 3rd whether the School Board Majority deserves to be recalled,” continued Wendy McCord, also a mom of Jeffco students.
Next, the Clerk will have 15 business days to verify the signatures. Once the Clerk has verified there are 15,000 valid signatures for each of the three candidates, a 15-calendar day protest period will begin. Any registered voter in the school district can file a protest. Once the protest period has ended, the Clerk will set the date for the election.
Because of overlapping timelines for November elections and recall elections, for the Jeffco voters’ will to be honored we need our opponents not to play political games in attempting to protest what are clearly 15,000 valid signatures. Should they choose to play games, opponents to the recall will cost the school district over half a million dollars, dollars that could otherwise be going to benefit our students. It is time for our community to have an honest conversation about the direction of our school district,” concluded Wendy McCord.