True Colors – A Must Watch!

The following video is bothersome. Actually, it’s heartbreaking when you realize that 86,000 children are depending on a quality education and these rumors and misinformation were shared at a Republican group meeting in our community.

As you click on each of the video links below, you’ll see short clips from the entire video that we want to highlight for you.

Each of the videos posted are different, unedited, small clips. Make sure to watch each one and you’ll see some of the concerns.

“You’re in the minority. Yes.”

Stop, please, if you’re running in a nonpartisan race, there should be no minority. Are they confirming to us here that they are of the same mindset of the recalled board and intend to create a majority/minority situation again?

“You’re coordinating with Jonah Hearne? Yes.”

You may remember the name.


“Are you going to turn the title to the school over to the district?”


Titles don’t work that way and board members don’t own titles to schools. The district OWNS the title to the property and always has. That’s a taxpayer held entity and property. Individuals don’t just get properties handed to them. It IS up to the taxpayers to support the schools in their neighborhood. “There were only 20-25 families at the school,” that’s another false claim. Now, whomever this person is, thinks they can just take the building and start their own school, with no training whatsoever. Well, we are taxpayers too and we don’t want that! Oh, if only schools and serving students were that simple and easy. It is a shame this wasn’t asked of a current board member or Dr. Glass, Matt Van Gieson states he doesn’t know what happens to the title.

Then there’s this strange thing about donations of $20 or more. The candidates have already handed out their envelopes, it’s easy to put the $20 in and fill out your name and information. Not rocket science but a strange way to avoid declaring donations from individuals. Thankfully, twice-censured board member Boggs is there to guide them all to take pennies back and advise that there are no contribution limits in school board races. There are not a lot of forms to fill out. Name, address, occupation. That’s it and it’s on the envelope.

Following that, Erica Shields actually then goes on to say some great things about how important schools are but then she starts talking about failures and taking back our schools. Not having ever been involved before, we recommend joining committees, going to the actual board meetings, watching the recordings of past board meetings to get up to speed about what’s actually happened, visiting committees even if you’re not on them, going to PTA trainings, visiting the Great Education Colorado website for facts, and even looking at UIP data for clarity.

She’s then asked what district she’s running in and asks for help from WNW supporter and twice-censured former board member, Laura Boggs, to describe what she’s running for.

Don’t miss the next accusation that doesn’t get corrected!

The current school board is NOT bought and paid for by the union. These candidates just nod at this man saying they want money, control, and power. First – TEACHERS are the union! Yes, they make donations and like to collaborate with parents to benefit students. If Ms. Shields or Mr. Van Gieson really wanted to collaborate and be respectful, they’d stop this rhetoric and shut it down. This does not encourage unity of the community or collaboration in the best interests of our children.

Also, what a community we were with those recall efforts!


Now this. Twice-censured Boggs really hasn’t learned collaboration, ever, and here’s just one more piece of evidence. Perhaps it wasn’t needed to call out and mention Arvadans for Progressive Action or Support Jeffco Kids in such a smarmy/snarky/sarcastic way. Even if you don’t like either organization, there are invested parties in both – parents, community members, business leaders, taxpayers. This is, or at least it should be, about our schools and our children, not about being a Republican (or a Democrat.)

Both groups happen to be nonpartisan and we worked together to put together an impartial forum and ensured that everyone enjoyed a welcoming environment. Ultimately, we want the best qualified individuals leading our school board. That’s our priority and it really should be the priority of everyone else as well. We hope a few of them will read this and think about it, for the sake of all of our children.

This meeting happened two days before our forum but we only became aware of the meeting and the video afterward.

Sadly, they just continue to show their lack of knowledge and experience with the district and that they’ve not been paying attention. They just learned of the 2020 Vision and said it’s new. It’s not. The committee development work occurred two years ago, in 2015. It began implementation in 2016. Again, it’s not new.

Things really devolve from there. Someone has a question about the marijuana money.

No, it’s not correct that 80%-100% of the marijuana money was going to schools. Reading ballot language is important. Neither candidate can explain that the money goes to BEST, that it’s only $40 million for the entire state to share in a matching grant program for facilities. It’s intended primarily for rural districts that can’t afford or support a bond. Neither can even relay that Jeffco hasn’t received any of this. They seem to think it’s hidden somewhere in the budget.

Ms Shields actually says “Nobody really knows right now.”

As if this infographic hasn’t been going around for years now…

As if the Denver Post, ChalkBeat, and 9News haven’t covered the marijuana money before… (Hint – Google is your friend.)

Not being able to answer a basic question or to correct misinformation is not acceptable if you want to be a school board candidate. These rumors only serve to hurt our children and schools.

They clearly show they are not understanding data scores, if 100% of students are scoring proficient and advanced, the standards are not challenging enough and that’s not the way to use the data to inform student instruction. Additionally, one test cannot possibly measure a child as an individual learner, there is an entire body of evidence to review.

Do we need additional services to improve student outcomes, yes! That’s hard to do with 1/2 to 1/3 of the funding other states provide and a community that didn’t pass 3A and 3B and hasn’t made a significant investment in education since 2004.

Then they note that they don’t want to spend more money on schools and allow all of the following statements to be made and agree with them/don’t correct them.

  • Taxes sabotaged by teacher’s union. FALSE
  • Principal picks PTA members and the president. FALSE
  • Teachers and the union bullies parents and students. FALSE
  • Need more charters. FALSE
  • Teacher’s union must end and Ms. Shields verbally states her agreement. TOTALLY DISAGREE

Remember the AP US History debacle that earned Jeffco embarrassing  media from around the world? Well, that comes up again and they want the curriculum changed, Mr. Van Gieson notes he’ll look into it.

Shields then shows complete ignorance in stating she doesn’t like common core because her husband cannot do the math homework, the difference between standards and curriculum is apparently unknown. (PS – check out Khan Academy for help with math homework.)

It is insinuated that the 6th graders moving to middle schools came about from the board only. NO, this is not true, this was a staff recommendation and the board listened to the presentation by staff and asked many questions. Ms. Shields says hers were in middle school in 6th grade but it was long standing and planned. The same staff that planned her 6th grade transition at her school are the same staff planning for other 6th grade transitions.

Now here’s the part that will make your jaw drop. Disparaging the PTA, disparaging the teacher’s association (aka big, scary union), disparaging teachers, and a claim that charters will fix everything. Ms. Shields states that she agrees with this.

The Jeffco Republican’s Men Club made this video available for viewing and download on their website. We are both glad and sad to have seen it.

You can watch it all from start to finish here –

Please stop doing this to our kids and schools. Partisan politics has no part in education. We hope this group will start exploring and attending district meetings and meeting district staff to get answers to their questions and learn more about what they don’t know as it doesn’t appear that these meetings are filled with actual facts.  At some point, children should be valued more than partisan politics.

We stand even more firm on our complete endorsement of Brad Rupert, Susan Harmon, and Ron Mitchell. Based on this video alone, the rest of Jeffco should as well. Go volunteer and help to make sure we don’t go through this again!


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