To Whom Do The Rules Apply?

Last night’s Board meeting was another one for the record books.  Rules seem to apply to some and not others.  While you’ve probably heard that many students attempted to participate in public comment and were rebuffed following a display of civil disobedience that included saying the Pledge of Allegiance and reading from textbooks, other individuals came to comment and praise the Board majority and were allowed to speak despite NOT having properly signed up for public comment. 


Apparently, in this new version of Jeffco Schools, individuals who support the Board majority can simply ignore the procedures and go to the Board Attorney Brad Miller and be allowed to participate in public comment in repeated groups despite never having signed up.   Our Board Majority and President Ken Witt seemed to indicate that they were just fine & dandy with these individuals NOT following procedures.


Here’s the sign up list, downloaded from Board Docs, – 1106_public comment_part 1 – the speakers we heard from repeatedly simply aren’t on the list.


We’re wondering which policy allows this and note that Mr. Miller’s contract does not allow him to represent the district in this way and surely Mr. Miller, as an attorney funded with taxpayer dollars, would ethically have issues with this type of behavior. 


We hope this little circus was just an error and someone will respond to the CORA request with an apology and notation of an error.  And surely they’ll make certain that this never happens again.