To Tell the Truth #7

Thousands of Moms, Dads and Community Members have come together to tell the community the truth about the Jeffco Board Majority and why we want to Recall Ken Witt, Recall John Newkirk, and Recall Julie Williams.

There are a lot of rumors and myths and downright lies out there and it’s time to TELL THE TRUTH!


They say: Planned Parenthood is funding the recall!

The TRUTH: Anyone can donate to any campaign. The Colorado Secretary of State has a website where you can look-up donations and the campaigns are required to report the donations and the individuals who donated.

Easy link and easy search –

It’s easy to see the donations are from HUNDREDS of individuals. To date, here are the big contributions:

$25,000 from Robert Pew, a business man listed his company as Steel Case. Don’t know him but a huge thank you for supporting public education! Feel free to make another, Mr. Pew!

$6,000 from Support Jeffco Kids – you know who we are, Jeffco parents and volunteers. Thank you to YOU!

$2,000 from Cynthia Stevenson – our former superintendent who still has family going to school here and a strong dedication to Jeffco Schools. She dedicated her life to education and we are grateful!

$1,100 from a geologist who lives in Jeffco. Thank you!

Then the donations drop down to one who gave $630, a couple who gave $500, a handful of $300 and $200 donations and then seven pages of people donating from $100 to $5. You’ll see parents, teachers, community members, grandparents, and retirees on the list. All different party affiliations. Thank you!


BREAKING NEWS: Planned Parenthood hasn’t even made a donation!

It’s true that we’ve seen them send out an email asking people to be informed and support the recall. We appreciate it! Knowing that Board Member Julie Williams has questioned our growing and changing unit for 5th graders along with posting some extremely crazy articles about common core sex ed (that doesn’t even exist), there is cause for concern.

JulieCommonCore Pornography

I’ve personally never been involved with Planned Parenthood but a friend of mine posted the following on Facebook and it made me think:

“I used planned parenthood when I was young and didn’t have health insurance. They found some pre cancerous cells on my cervix. I didn’t have an abortion there…PP is an important resource regardless of your view on abortion.”

I love my friend and I am so happy that my friend is here for her 3 beautiful children and her wonderful husband.


Now this organization and our school board election is certainly not about Planned Parenthood, but a Board Majority supporter gave public comment last Thursday, going on and on about baby parts and things that most of us in attendance couldn’t understand. It was wildly confusing and had nothing to do with Jeffco Public Schools. Most of the things he spoke of are based on blatantly false and misleading articles (like the ones Williams shared on her Facebook page) and that have been widely discredited by a number of news sources and are merely based only upon party politics and ideology.


After the meeting, this man tried to approach me about the accountability committee to complain that “the union was trying to get on the committee” and to relay how appalling it was. I told him to look at state statute and see that teachers were legally supposed to be a part of the committee. He didn’t believe me. I told him to use Google and look at the actual statute. He said that “he doesn’t believe anything until he can read it for himself.”  His public comment followed another Board Majority supporter who thinks that we are paying too much for the education of our children and yet did not acknowledge that her children are more than 40 years old and funding was higher for her own than our children today!

Here’s a great resource for learning the real facts about school funding –  Please make sure you sign up to get their updates to learn more and get involved!


People do read and talk to others, but a large part of the problem is where they get their information. It was wrong in 2012 when they told people not to vote for the Mill and Bond for our schools and it’s just as wrong to misinform people now. The Board Majority are not victims and our schools have not been using taxpayer dollars inappropriately until the Board Majority came into office! A fifth mailer just arrived from Americans for Prosperity. That’s now more than a quarter of a million dollars coming from outside of Jeffco to misinform voters!

No political party is the right resource to use in making decisions for our children.


The only victims in this situation are our children at the hands of partisan politics. Please join us to Support Jeffco Kids!

Sign up to volunteer now and help inform people with facts!