To Tell the Truth #6

Thousands of Moms, Dads and Community Members have come together to tell the community the truth about the Jeffco Board Majority and why we want to Recall Ken Witt, Recall John Newkirk, and Recall Julie Williams.

There are a lot of rumors and myths and downright lies out there and it’s time to TELL THE TRUTH!


They say: Charter and choice will be removed if this Board Majority don’t stay in office or charter schools will have their funding revoked!

The TRUTH: No one is out to get charter Schools and “choice” is state law! Some of our most ardent and active supporters are charter school and choice school parents who recognize the actions of the Board Majority are hurting the majority of students in Jeffco. 


Jeffco is known for our home grown, grassroots charters started by active parents who were incredible advocates recognizing that their own students had needs that couldn’t fully be met in a traditional neighborhood school setting.

Free Horizon Montessori is an excellent example of that community collaboration with the school district! Some charters are better than others at accountability and transparency and that is an issue that ALL parents should be watching!


Successes in some of the option and charter school programs have been implemented at neighborhood school classrooms over the years. Successes at neighborhood schools have been implemented at choice and charter school classrooms over the years. The key is collaboration.


At the last candidate forum, Lasell, Stevens, Rupert, Harmon, and Mitchell all stated that they had no intention of taking money away from Charter Schools. 


During an advertisement interview with the Columbine Courier, John Newkirk noted that he thought Jeffco should at least double the number of Charter Schools in Jeffco. But he never mentioned the $78 million in cuts that have impacted Jeffco students and that have not been restored. Why are we even thinking about adding charters just for the sake of adding charters? Shouldn’t that be a thoughtful process?

The Board Majority has ignored the facility needs for an upcoming 4500 to 7000 children in West Arvada and Lakewood for nearly two years! They ignored district advice for new needed facilities but Newkirk wants to DOUBLE the number of charters?


Here is what we DO have a problem with: a Charter School that requests 17 waivers from mandates without tangible reasons for the waivers.


We also know of TWO charter schools that have used district resources (taxpayer funded resources) to send emails to their parents instructing them how to vote in the election. Unethical if not illegal, but we’ll leave that to the attorneys.