To Tell the Truth #4

Thousands of Moms, Dads and Community Members have come together to tell the community the truth about the Jeffco Board Majority and why we want to Recall Ken Witt, Recall John Newkirk, and Recall Julie Williams.

There are a lot of rumors and myths and downright lies out there and it’s time to TELL THE TRUTH!



Brad Miller Invoice Redacted

They have repeatedly violated Colorado open meeting laws by secretly making major decisions behind closed doors —

JSF says: This board has not violated Colorado open meeting laws; they have increased transparency, moving meetings into the community and live streaming all board meetings. They publicly voted to hire their attorney and PR firms, which never had been done before.

The Truth:  Sorry, nope! VIDEO is great! This was prior to livestreaming of meetings and we are grateful that parents showed up and got it on film!


Previously, the board NEVER had their very own attorney.

Previously, the board didn’t have a need for their own representation.

Also previously, all board members received information – now, only 3 majority board members receive information. This expensive private attorney is only working for the Board Majority and who really knows what he does???

These people (Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams) voted to hire someone without public discussion, while violating their own policy, without the public being able to comment, without a contract, without a price, without an interview, and without a scope of work. Who in their right mind does that and even attempts to call it transparent?


They have severely limited public comment at board meetings —

JSF says: This board has made it easier to make public comment at Jeffco School Board meetings through online signup now available days ahead of time.

The TRUTH: Easier? Online is nice, yes, but easier is a stretch! The rules constantly change – one meeting you can speak with a group and participate in other group comments, the next meeting it’s changed without warning and you can’t participate in other groups. It goes back and forth and you never know what to expect. Some meetings you get 3 minutes to make your public comment, the next it’s two minutes and then again sometimes you have to spit out whatever you have to say in just one minute! Now if you’re in a group, you would previously have had 10 minutes but sometimes now you only have 3 minutes. Try to prepare your public comment in advance and just wait to see the surprise rules implemented at the meeting!


Oh, and if you are friends with the Board Majority, then you don’t have to sign up at all, you just text Brad Miller and he makes sure they fit you in. Yes, that happened! We call that transparency these days? 


Then there’s the skewed public comment:


There are so many more of these stories over the past nearly two years! Please don’t forget that more than 13,100 community members participated in a budget survey and the Board Majority voted against the will of the community. That shows a HUGE problem with accountability!


They have bullied students, and parents — 

JSF says: The board has asked for decorum at their board meetings, asking community members to respect other speakers and not shout out during proceedings.

The TRUTH: Ken Witt yelling “SILENCE!” despite having a microphone, world-record-gavel-banging , belittling other Board Members, constant interruptions when others are speaking and have the floor, and flat out rude comments are completely outrageous. Never before have we seen an elected official behave with such a lack of decorum. Certainly the board room is occasionally unruly with hundreds of upset community members attending and decisions that literally leave your jaw hanging open at each meeting but the proper way to handle it would be to speak into the microphone and say “pardon me, but please be quiet so we can conduct the business of the meeting.” There are plenty of security staff around to remind attendees to quiet down after that.


Two Jeffco moms even hired an attorney to send a cease and desist letter when Board Member John Newkirk decided that he would attempt to publicly admonish them in his board correspondence to others. How’s THAT for transparency, accountability and respect?

Then there’s Julie Williams’ share and promoting of a hate group on Facebook!

Here’s what was in the post:

“If you have children in K-12 government schools, in California or another state, please keep them home and away from perverse indoctrination on Friday, April 17.

That’s the day of the so-called “Day of Silence,” where sexually confused students and teachers refuse to speak during the entire academic day. They’ll indoctrinate everybody else through handouts and chalkboard writings and videos and other propaganda tools. They’ll teach children to support and embrace the unnatural and unhealthy homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda and will label anyone who’s against it a “bigot,” a “hater,” or worse…

[N]o matter what, please keep your children home on April 17, to express your strong disapproval of the pro-perversity state school bureaucracy. Your children’s hearts and minds matter!”


They have released a minor student’s private information — 

JSF says: No private information of students has been released The board has increased the focus on protecting staff and student data privacy. They have stopped intrusive video recording of students and started a technology and data privacy committee to help ensure personally identifiable information is not shared with others.


The Truth: It’s true that the investigator did not find DISTRICT STAFF guilty but the investigator did not investigate the Board Members as the district does not oversee them and their only accountability is to the public. The investigator also did not investigate the participation of Lisa Pinto, the disastrous communications chief that McMinimee insisted on hiring because she quit before the investigation ended. John Newkirk, an adult man and elected official, trolled the social media accounts of a 17 year old girl, a Jeffco student. He and Ms. Pinto (based on CORA items obtained as the PR firm aka new Communications Department refuses to send the actual images that would show who actually created the doctored image) then put together the doctored image from two different social media accounts and three separate postings. Ken Witt then used the doctored photo to state during a public meeting that this young lady was a racist. Her social media profile names were all displayed at a public board meeting.

Because she liked a post about a burrito.


Imagine if that were YOUR child! 


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