To Tell the Truth #3

Thousands of Moms, Dads and Community Members have come together to tell the community the truth about the Jeffco Board Majority and why we want to Recall Ken Witt, Recall John Newkirk, and Recall Julie Williams.

There are a lot of rumors and myths and downright lies out there and it’s time to TELL THE TRUTH!



The board is paying Dan McMinimee $280,000 when Cindy only made $201,000 —

JSF says:The figures presented on the recall petition are an apples to oranges comparison. Mr. McMinimee’s figure includes all retirement and potential bonuses, while Dr. Stevenson’s figure only lists her base salary. The new superintendent’s compensation is in line with other Colorado superintendents, and is in fact lower than 10 other districts in the state, despite Jeffco being one of the largest.

The TRUTH – The apples to oranges comparison is correct – Dr. Stevenson (yes, Dr.!, she had a Ph.D.) with a rich and professional Jeffco history is incomparable to Dan McMinimee.  Mr. McMinimee brought a $4.2 Million Dollar fine to his last school district, here’s his “experience” –


“Parents and staff of the Douglas County School District were notified today by Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen that DCSD will be fined $4,200,000 by the Colorado Department of Education due to inadequate “bookkeeping.” According to the district’s communication, our school district did not meet CDE’s documentation requirements to prove that our high school students were “full-time” during the years of 2012-2014.

During that timeframe, district administration cut $3.6 Million from high schools’ budgets, despite an increase in the State’s per pupil funding the first year and the district posted an operating surplus of $17M immediately after making these cuts. As a result, most high schools were forced to implement a drastic schedule change that resulted in excessive free periods for students, decreased instructional minutes, and an increased caseload for teachers. When the schedule change was created by district administration, the Assistant Superintendent, Dan McMinimee, assured that “little” instructional time would be lost. Over two years ago, parents expressed their concerns, and presented supporting data to DCSD administrators, only to be met with resistance.”


Our sympathies to the parents and students in Douglas County who paid for this lack of experience and poor decision making.


The board is hiding $90,000 each year in legal expenses from the public —

JSF says: All legal expenses for the board and district are available in the financial transparency database on the district website. In an effort to increase transparency this board hired its attorney in public, which had never been done before.


Sorry, no, it’s on video:


Previously, the board didn’t have their own attorney. WHY DO THEY THINK THEY NEED THEIR OWN ATTORNEY??? That’s $90,000 of laughable transparency that could be going to kids in classrooms!

Brad Miller Invoice Redacted