To Tell the Truth #2

Thousands of Moms, Dads and Community Members have come together to tell the community the truth about the Jeffco Board Majority and why we want to Recall Ken Witt, Recall John Newkirk, and Recall Julie Williams.

There are a lot of rumors and myths and downright lies out there and it’s time to TELL THE TRUTH!


JSF says:  You will perhaps be approached to sign a petition to recall three Jeffco school board members.

Our response: First, your flyer is outdated.  Yes, people were approached and they came to us as well at parks across Jeffco! More than 30,000 signatures on each of the 3 recall petitions (we only needed 15,000) and though we had until mid September to get those signatures, we did it in 17 days! More than 1000 people in Jeffco willingly carried petitions and volunteered their time for that! THAT says quite a bit about the commitment involved people in Jeffco have to recalling the school board majority of Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams


The board attempted to censor U.S. History classes, leading thousands of students to walk out of class in protest. –

JSF says: There was no attempt to censor U.S. History classes. The “controversy” arose from one board member’s proposal to review the College Board’s new AP U.S. History framework. The discussions resulted in a curriculum review process that will be more transparent, with more community and student input, and more complete records than ever before.

The TRUTH: Jeffco Schools already had a curriculum review committee and has for years, new people were included each time the committee convened. If there is a new process – how does the community gain access to see the new process? Why hasn’t the “new process” been shared with the public?


Then there’s this article to read:

“But when Wild asked Williams what the AP curriculum writers might have gotten wrong about U.S. history, it turned out that Williams was the one who was uninformed. Wild said that Williams couldn’t name a single example.

Williams said students protesting the curriculum changes she suggests are needed are ‘uninformed pawns’ of the teachers union. She also said she’s not ‘familiar enough’ with the current curriculum to say what’s wrong with it.

What Williams did say was this: “I’m not familiar enough with everything that is in AP history to make that judgment.”


Unbelievable, right?!


Their unprofessional actions have pushed over 700 educators this past year to leave Jeffco schools, most to teach in other districts, because the educators believe the Board Majority’s policies hurt their ability to educate our students —

JSF says: As the economy has improved, teacher turnover in the state of Colorado has increased in the last two years, and now stands at 17%. Jeffco’s turnover rate also has increased, but remains lower than the state average.

The TRUTH: – you can’t argue with real data! You can say whatever you want but it doesn’t make it true. Educators are running from Jeffco and note that from the previous administrative cabinet, we have lost the Communications Chief, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Effectiveness Officer, District Legal Counsel, Chief Information Officer. That’s EVERY cabinet member except one! Add to that the loss of a substantial number of Executive Directors including the Achievement Director for Charter Schools. 

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