To Tell The Truth #1

Thousands of Moms, Dads and Community Members have come together to tell the community the truth about the Jeffco Board Majority and why we want to Recall Ken Witt, Recall John Newkirk, and Recall Julie Williams.

There are a lot of rumors and myths and downright lies out there and it’s time to TELL THE TRUTH!

Jeffco Students First is an organization that supports the board majority and it appears has also been funded by Newkirk.

JSF Fundraiser

They say they want the public to be well informed, but if that is the case – why try to deceive the public?

When SJK learned that the .com of our name and established website had been purchased and rerouted to another organization that has been soliciting donations and who support the very things that we oppose, we were very bothered that people would try to mislead the public in this way and to solicit donations that were intended to help our organization.

SJK decided to take action and has now filed complaints with the Secretary of State, District Attorney’s Office, and the Colorado Attorney General. We are sharing that complaint with you here and ask that you share this to ensure that your friends know who we are and how to find us, the real Support Jeffco Kids!


Why hijack a domain name of Support Jeffco Kids and redirect followers back to your own website? Why would anyone risk attempting potential charitable fraud?


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And you just HAVE to read the following article!!!!

Why is Board Majority Member John Newkirk doing this:

“It’s one thing for an “outside” activist group to pull a trick like this, but the evidence here points to one of the board members targeted by this recall having an active role in the “independent” group leading the opposition to said recall. Under normal circumstances, this would be a major violation of election law, since candidates are prohibited from coordinating with independent groups. But under Colorado law, recalls are technically “issue elections,” not candidate elections, so such longstanding election law principles may not apply in this case.”

“With that said, the questions this raises about Newkirk and Jeffco Students First are still pretty nasty politically. For one thing, a general claim of ignorance about how the internet works is key to the board majority’s defense of their bullying of a minor student by displaying her name on the boardroom’s overhead projector, while falsely accusing her of spreading “racist” material. Clearly, Newkirk knows his way around a keyboard, and knew the student in question had done nothing of the kind.”

“More importantly–why is a board member personally engaging in online dirty tricks? It seems to us that John Newkirk’s name may have been entered inadvertently, and Jeffco Students First should have been used to register all three. But the fact that his personal name was used to register two of these domains, with Jeffco Students First identified as the registrant of the third domain all within a few minutes of each other and with the same domain registrar, amounts to a smoking gun–clear evidence of a degree of coordination between Newkirk and this group that has never been reported by anyone.”

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Screen shots from Colorado Pols but available to anyone on the internet who wants to search!


Support Jeffco Kids!

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Our mission is to educate the Jeffco Community on the importance of supporting public education for ALL kids in Jeffco, inform the community on the current events, and to support a school board that understands the importance of educating ALL kids in Jeffco.

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