The Union

What has been most upsetting over the years while advocating for public education are those who continue to talk about the big, scary union. Comparing our teachers and education support professionals to the decades old Chicago mafia.

While they certainly are a powerful voice, because they come together to do work that impacts our children, they do so in a kind and open way. It’s horrible to attack the very people who would protect our children if there were an emergency.

They’re inviting, engaging, passionate, and the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They use THEIR OWN money to form and support their own professional association. The dues are paid out of their personal pockets. Additionally, they donate to the nonprofits in our community that help children and personally fund food, supplies, clothing, Christmas gifts, school fees and many other things for any of their students and families in need.

But still, let’s take an actual look at this big, scary union. They’re our teachers, school secretaries, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, social workers, facility managers, electricians, etc.

They’re also neighbors, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents, volunteers, pet lovers, church attendees, and they live right here in our community.

They love our schools and most importantly, they love our children. Every day, we drop off 86,000 students in their expert hands to be educated and protected but also loved.

Here they are – the union!



Thank you for loving our children! Thank you for advocating for your students every day! Thank you for standing together and with us as parents to accomplish things for all 86,000 students.

We love you, because YOU Support Jeffco Kids!