The Money From Out of State

Jeffco school board majority supporter, Sheila Atwell ( Jeffco Students First  and Jeffco Observer) was on 9 News on Monday to defend the board majority (Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams) who are being recalled for lack of transparency (violating board policies and state sunshine law), lack of fiscal accountability and total disrespect for the community.    We thought we’d share some highlights:

Sheila states, “Governance is messy.”   Boy, we can’t agree more.  So messy that the board majority members (Williams, Newkirk and Witt) managed to violate board policies numerous times, and did just that along with violating the state sunshine law while hiring board attorney Brad Miller.  As a refresher, here’s the video capturing that unforgettable board meeting conversation:

Sheila likes to say the board majority is all about student achievement:  “…what they’ve done is very similar to what happened in Denver…”

Based on this article by Eric Gorski of Chalkbeat (Oct 7 2015), we have to ask, really?   Is that a higher standard they want to aim for?  Report: Denver ranks last among cities scrutinized for income-based achievement gaps

And when asked about big money from out-of-state funding by Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity, Sheila tells it the way it is:  “it’s not so much the money.  The money just helps us share the message …”   And they’ve had lots of money to do just that:

We don’t feel like there’s much more we can say that Sheila hasn’t already said for us.