The Miracle of SJK Service Projects Continues

We’ll be doing our annual school supply drive for the Action Center at the end of July/beginning of August so please start picking up school supplies now! If you can be a drop off location, let us know at

Also, remember as you clean out closets that gently used clothing and old coats are needed as well. There’s a year round drop off via SJK here if you can’t get to the Foundation office –

Following is a message from Serving Kids we wanted to share with you:

As the 2016-2017 school year draws to a close we are celebrating another year of service to the students of Jefferson County who have inadequate clothing resources.  More than 1,300 requests for clothing for students in 113 schools or programs were filled by the SK volunteers during the year which means THOUSANDS  of items have been processed (sorted, laundered, mended, and/or shelved) before being chosen to  fill a clothing request from one of the school-based employees who has recognized a student’s need for clothing. 

Even though students are now on vacation and there are no clothing requests to fill, our volunteers will work through the summer to process donations that have come in during April and May.  Fortunately, a number of schools donate their Lost and Found items to Serving Kids and during the spring the Support Jeffco Kids organization spearheaded a very successful clothing drive which helped fill the temp with bags of donated clothing.  In June and July volunteers will reorganize and replenish the shelves in order to have everything in readiness for the back-to-school rush.  While the average number of requests per week  is around 30, the beginning of school and then the first cold weather can find us dealing with 60+ requests in a week so all the summer preparation is vital to our ability to quickly respond to requests and get clothing in the hands of the kids

To keep those thousands of items going out it is no surprise that we need thousands of items coming in, as well as financial support.  Our sincere gratitude goes out to the individuals and groups that  have provided assistance to Serving Kids in its mission.  Clothing drives, coat drives and jean drives have been organized by schools, church groups, Ed Center employees, and civic organizations. Support has come in memoriam of friend or family member,  in honor of birthdays, as Christmas gifts, as part of a “pay it forward” action, and for myriad other reasons—all greatly appreciated.

We stock clothing in size 3 (preschool, you know) through Men/Women 5X (high schoolers).  Coats and tennis shoes – clean, if possible – are always needed. Financial assistance is vital to subsidize the purchase of any items not in stock for an order or purchase the new socks and underwear we are required to provide.

Clothing donations may be dropped off at the office of the Jeffco Schools Foundation during office hours, financial donations may be made to Jeffco Schools Foundation and earmarked for Serving Kids Program.  

Children living in poverty or family turmoil have many difficulties, with our concerted efforts clothing for school does not have to be one of them. 

If you have questions, suggestions, or wish to join our volunteers, please call 303-982-2225 or email us at

You made a difference, Jeffco friends! Thanks for continuing to show that you Support Jeffco Kids! Keep cleaning out your closets with us and pick up a few pairs of socks or underwear when you’re out shopping. Imagine the smiles we can continue to bring to these amazing volunteers and the children in our district as we continue to provide resources by working together!