The Magical Salary Figures and Value of Teachers


Jeffco Public Schools has added a crafty new tool to the website to attract new talent.  Unfortunately, there’s no respect for the current talent in our district – just wait until you see these details!  During teacher appreciation week, no less!


The magical salary figures on the schedule that appeared out of nowhere at a Board meeting months ago, (no) thanks to the Board majority of Witt, Newkirk and Williams, now are being clarified by staff and available at your fingertips!


For instance, a teacher with a Bachelors Degree with 18+ years of experience can earn $52,601 – that’s $10,000 MORE than the current teacher with the same experience who put this information into the calculator! That’s a teacher who took a 3% pay reduction for two years to save teaching positions during the economic downturn!



Maybe that’s not a good example, let’s see a few more!


Here’s a teacher with a Masters Degree with 6 years of experience, $49,458.  This current teacher makes $9,458 LESS than a new person coming to Jeffco.


. SixYears


This next one shows true dedication!


“I have worked at the same High School in Jeffco since 1998.  I have supported countless girls who revealed to me that they had been assaulted. One student credits me for her sobriety from drug addiction. Jeffco would value my experience $11,000 more if I had obtained it in another district, rather than remaining a loyal employee.

photo 2


And another story!


“$5,475 more than I am making now, adjusted to reflect what I would make if I were full time (I am .5).  Might have been worth it to remain in my previous district another two years.  Can’t see how that would have benefited my current students, though.


Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 7.02.55 PM (1)



“I’m completing my 8th year of teaching in just a few weeks. I love what I do and I absolutely love my elementary musicians. Their curiosity and energy is contagious and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

This year I was finally ‘awarded’ the raise to BASE teacher pay. I have also earned a highly effective rating this year.”

“I make a little over  $38,000. Here’s the screen shot of what I would make [$48,137]. Frankly, it is extremely difficult NOT to consider leaving Jeffco. Loving my kids, my teammate, and supporters of kids, teachers, parents, community, and education makes it easier to stay. Something’s got to give though. If the district can afford to pay new hires such a significant increase, why can’t they afford that to those of us already here?!”




“Teachers new to the district will make $2000 more than me. Next year, it jumps to $4000 more.”



So there you have it, folks!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from your Board Majority and the Magical Salary Fairy who forgot about your commitment to 86,000 kids, the 3% salary reductions, the lost retirement income, and the years of salary freezes. But we do welcome anyone new to Jeffco with open arms and bigger pockets!


Support Jeffco Kids previously shared the Fact Finder’s Report.  You’ll want to read this –


Synopsis – the Fact Finder that we, as Taxpayers, paid for (taking money AWAY from our children) agreed with the teachers!


We appreciate teachers who Support Jeffco Kids and there are many thousands of examples of you in Jeffco!  We also have a hard time believing that anyone in the Jeffco community would support this pay scheme. This is not the way we value the teachers who keep our children safe and who would put their own lives in harms way to protect them.