The Cuts In Detail

We’ve gone through extensive cuts since 2009 that still haven’t been restored. Here’s a more detailed list of what cuts the district is looking at below, taken from the documents that were made public after the last Board Meeting.

Of note – every single one of these items impacts students. There are real people impacted who live in our community. They provide services to our children every day and they truly make a difference. The cuts are heartbreaking and, truly, these conversations probably should have occurred before the 3A and 3B campaign, as happened in 2011 and 2013, so the community could visualize the true impacts to our children in Jeffco.

Items needing Board approval, Phase 1A:

  • Increase athletic participation fee from $150 to $175 and activity card from $50 to $60 – resulting in $250,000 added dollars.
  • Eliminate quarterly financial audit review, reduction in National School Board membership – $23,701 savings.
  • Increase community building use fees – $700,000 added dollars.
  • Close 5 elementary schools – $3,534,709 savings.

Savings $4,508,410

No Board approval needed, Phase 1B District Positions:

  • District-wide, Reduce utility, fuel, sick and personal payout and contingency budget lines and increase general revenue lines – $5,194,000 savings.
  • Educational Research and Design, Reclassification of staff to other funds or grants. Reduction of multiple expense lines – $1,115,872 savings.
  • School Innovation and Effectiveness Team,  Reduction of achievement directors, support staff and educator effectiveness staff and GT teachers – $585,000 savings.
  • Security, Expense line item reduction, $35,000 savings.
  • Student Success, Transfer FTE to Medicaid grant, $168,000 savings.
  • Superintendent Office,  Reduction in staff to .06 time – $54,000 savings.
  • Technology, Reduction in staff support, device support and other expense lines – $775,136 savings.
  • Human Resources, Elimination of one support position – $60,000 savings.

Total savings for 1B – $7,987,008

Phase 2 Staff Reductions, no board approval needed:

  • Custodial, 28.5 positions, Reduction of staff cleaning schools, 60% of buildings cleaned nightly versus 80% currently – $ 1,409,469 savings.
  • School Innovation and Effectiveness, Reduction of achievement director – $120,000 savings.
  • Student Success, 10 positions, Reduce central social, emotional support , GT resource teachers – $902,000 savings.
  • Superintendent Office, Elimination of community relations budget, including administrator welcome – $10,000 savings.
  • Technology, Elimination of student device home filtering and reduction of supply budget – $343,088 savings.
  • Transportation, Eliminate option school and outdoor lab busing – $440,000 savings.

Total Savings Phase 2 – $4,554,204

Phase 3 Reductions, no board approval needed:

  • Educational Research and Design,  10 positions, Elimination of literacy interventionists, MAP for K‐2 and Mastery Connect – $815,030 savings.
  • Student Success, 11 positions, Eliminate social, emotional learning specialists – $1,000,000 savings.

Total Savings Phase 3 – $1,815,030

Phase 4 Reducions, no board approval needed:

  • Educational Research and Design, 4 positions,  Reduction of assessment coordinator and technician, reduction of library coordinator and secretarial support – $299,978 savings.
  • Schools, 14 positions, Eliminate 14 social emotional support staff funded to SBB – $1,234,321 savings.

Total Savings Phase 4 – $1,534,299



Cabinet Reduction Recommendations 1-26-17 FINAL

Comm Building Use Fee Increase 01-20-17