The Count Down Begins NOW!

Is this going to be:

A Count Down to Great Successes and Opportunities for Jeffco Public Schools ?


A Time Bomb Ticking toward an Explosion/the Implosion and the Final Destruction of Jeffco Public Schools?

It’s in your hands, Jeffco.   Jeffco public schools’ destiny lies in your hands and your feet.  We can ALL get out there and walk for 2 hours to knock on our neighbors doors to make sure everyone has the accurate information –
We can sit back, share and smile at our posts on Facebook and hope that does the trick, while the Would-Be Destructors of Public Education are out there knocking on doors too, making phone calls, and using big out-of-state donors’ dollars for more ads and mailers.

Which is it going to be, Jeffco?

The CountDown Begins NOW

November 3rd, 2015 
Julie Williams won with 82,000+ votes
John Newkirk won with 72,000+ votes
Ken Witt won with 78,000+ votes
Out of 338,000 active voters, 245,000+ Permanent Mail In Voters
January 2014, out of 341,000+ Active Voters, Jefferson County has 246,000+ Permanent Mail In Voters.


Not registered to vote? Go to

Then sign up to volunteer!


A huge thank you to those out doing the walk, knock, and talk! Please ask your friends, family and neighbors to join in!

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