The Charges are True

We were greatly disappointed to see the Denver Post come out in support of the Jeffco Board Majority. It tells us the Post (once a highly regarded and respected publication for its balanced reporting and editorials) no longer seeks those high standards.

When the Post, who never sends a reporter to meetings, says it supports the Jeffco Board Majority, here’s what they are supporting:

Julie Williams –  Who tolerates hateful supporters and posts such the one referred to in our post – This is Terrifying where her supporters spew execution of teachers and recall supporters.  A later post by this same Williams’ supporter advocated for “execution” of recall supporters.  Sadly, Williams never saw fit to denounce the supporters words or even try to distance herself from him.

Ken Witt –  Who is so arrogant that he attempted to manipulate the Denver media by  taking the extreme measure of renting a ballroom at the Lakewood Sheraton for a Press Conference to announce he is filing a complaint on himself with a jurisdiction that has no authorization to investigate.  Nothing more than a publicity stunt.

John Newkirk – Who would troll a students social media account in an effort to publicly attack and bully during a board meeting.  It’s called “stalking” and it’s even more disgusting that its a school board member stalking a student on-line.

Violation of the State’s Sunshine Law –  It’s pretty obvious in this video by Transparency Jeffco  recorded during the board meeting when WNW hired Brad Miller.  So obvious is this that Ken Witt apparently thought he needed to distract voters’ attention with a media circus last week.

The Post says:  “No doubt the targeted board members made mistakes…”

The Board Majority know that they are guilty and the charges are true – if they didn’t agree, they could have filed a complaint about the ballot language when it was submitted. They didn’t.

We say: 

Yes, those “mistakes” are called breaking state law and violating board policy.

Yes, those “mistakes” are called ignoring community stakeholders, disrespecting students, parents and teachers in the process.

Yes, they “made mistakes” like wasting taxpayers’ dollars on a $90,000 a year contract with a board attorney; and spending $280,000+ annual compensation on an inexperienced superintendent who was hired at tens of thousand dollars more than a nationally recognized superintendent with 12 years experience. 

So, now we all know what “agenda” the Post Editorial staff must have, too.   How do you support people who will violate state law and board policies to waste taxpayers’ dollars, condone threatening teachers, parents and community members with execution – the list is endless.

Vote YES on Recall and see our endorsements of Ali Lasell, Amanda Stevens, Brad Rupert, Ron Mitchell, and Susan Harmon!


Interestingly, when a friend called to cancel their subscription the other day, the person from the Denver Post asked just one question “is this because of our editorials?” The answer was yes.