The Bill Signing

Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy came the rescue and held the Bill signing this morning at the Lakewood Heritage Center. Yes, this is “that visit” from the Governor and Bill signing that Dan McMinimee and Lisa Pinto of Jeffco Schools denied (or maybe it was a directive from the Board Majority.)


Even the Denver Post Editorial Board weighed in,

“It is difficult to believe a school where Super Bowl halftime entertainer Katy Perry performed would have had that much of a problem hosting the governor.

Jeffco swears Hick is welcome to come any other time. But for now, this rejection looks bad.”


One thing is clear, the two Bill Sponsors, Kerr and Petterson are both from Jeffco and Jeffco kids missed out on a fantastic civic experience and the letters from parents and community just keep rolling in…


Dear Mr. McMinimee:

I was very disappointed to read about JEFFCO Schools not allowing the Governor to conduct a bill signing ceremony at a JEFFCO school.  Any opportunity our students have to observe how democracy still works in our country, is a missed opportunity.
Although I do understand concerns about logistics and school schedules I think important pieces were missed:
1.  Most students are not taking finals at this point.  Perhaps there could have been  a subset of students who could attend the ceremony?  Those students studying civics or history?
2.  The Governor travels with his own security detail and I don’t think it would have been a burden on the JEFFCO staff.  If we don’t have the staff to cover this because the budget ran out, what happened with that $$?
3. Ms. Pinto seems to  have little experience working with public officials.  To compare preparing for a visit from our Governor to preparing for a Katy Perry concert is completely absurd.
Reading about it in the paper also raised some questions for me:
1.  Why would a Governor be told no thanks?  Did it have anything to do with his politics?  He is well regarded by most including Republicans, Dems and Independents.  However, he is not liked by extremists, the extremists affiliated with our BOE majority.
2.  The State Senator who was behind the bill happens to be a JEFFCO grad, State Senator and current JEFFCO employee.  He also has been the target of online harassment by Ms. Pinto through her twitter account (I’ve reported this to Mr. Hess).  Does this have anything to do with it?
3.  Who is giving direction to Ms. Pinto?  
These things just don’t add up and it is truly disturbing for a once high quality school district that used to work with people of all political stripes.
JEFFCO parent