Thanks to our Safety and Security Team, Law Enforcement

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Thank you, #TeamJeffco!

Thank you to all who worked so hard on this situation. I always have great faith that the JEFFCO security team knows what they are doing and I trust their expertise. Also, a big thanks to all the teachers, administrators, support staff and everyone else who helped keep our students safe yesterday. You all deserve a huge group hug!  – Jodi Lundin

Eternally grateful for the folks who make up our local law enforcement (& FBI) and our Jeffco Schools Security team. In Jeffco we are fortunate to dedicated folks who live by the credo ” Not on my watch”. Thank you! ❤️ – Jonna Levine

I just can’t thank you enough. While not knowing where this person was felt quite unsettling, I was greatly comforted knowing that our community was in the best of hands with all the different agencies from our districts right through the police and FBI. You took care of the community. I hope that now is the time you take care of yourselves.  – Carolyn Wolfrum

So grateful for your action over the last couple of days. We stand behind you.  – Hope Morgan

We are grateful for your dedication, genuine communication, lack of sleep, and focus on our children! Thank you will never be enough for all you have done for us and keeping the safety of our children and staff at the forefront of your work each and every day. Special thanks to John McDonald and our Jeffco Security team, every day you make us proud to be #TeamJeffco! We thank and appreciate you!  – Shawna Schantz-Fritzler

I’m incredibly grateful for a Jeffco team that takes quick and decisive action in the best interests of all of our students. I am confident that our students in Jeffco are as safe as they can be in the day and age.  – Kay Slater

Jeffco Security, Jeffco Sheriff, FBI, all law enforcement and Jeffco Schools: I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, care and dedication to our entire Jeffco Community! Your care and excellence allows me to walk into a Jeffco School daily and focus on education! Thank you! Hope you can get home soon to your families, your pillows, your sense of well being. Please know how valued you are!  – Casey Gardner

Thank you all for doing the right thing! Not only did you keep everyone safe, you quite possibly removed her target.  – Chris Dolloff

School officials, security, and law enforcement personnel had one job today and they nailed it. We all agree the safety of our children is #1, so thank you today (and every day) for giving your all to protect them. With gratitude, a Jeffco teacher/mom.  – Victoria Baldwin

A huge “thank you” to all law enforcement and Jeffco Schools Security team for protecting our children, schools, and community! – Michele Patterson

Not an easy situation to handle. I’m sure there are many things we (the public) still does not know. Appreciate all the time and effort that has been given keeping our community safe. Unfortunate, but Thank You, Jeffco, School Members, Officers and all involved. – Leigh Mattson

Thank you JeffCo teachers, administrators, and beyond for everything you did yesterday to keep our kids safe, today and in the future.  – Brooke Epps

I was able to sleep better knowing that my kids are safe due to the diligence of our amazing Jeffco team and law enforcement teams. – Valorie LeRette

Thank you Jeffco! – Rachel Wyland

Thank you for your actions today, April 17, and for putting the safety of students, teachers, and all school staff members first. As a parent and a teacher, it is so reassuring to know there is such a wonderful, competent, responsive team looking out for what is most important — the safety of everyone in every school building in Jeffco. I cannot thank you enough for all you did and continue to do each and every day. –  Tami LoSasso

I’m so grateful to law enforcement and our school administrators for acting to keep our kids safe today!  – Amy Nitta

This is one of those few cases where you actually hope you don’t have to prove how incredible your system is, but ours is amazing, and our security team and law enforcement agents could not have done a better job of keeping our kids safe. We are sometimes quick to complain, and slow to give thanks, but we all owe a debt of gratitude to our incredible Security team, and to John Mcdonald. – Nina Banks

Thank you to everyone involved. We appreciate you. – Mari Vasel

My family is deeply grateful to Jeffco security, and the Jeffco admin team that made quick decisions and actions to keep our entire Jeffco family safe. We appreciate you everyday, but yesterday we saw you all leading and protecting our Jeffco family so that today, we can get back to the important task of teaching and learning. We applaud you and hope you feel our deep gratitude for all you do. – Darcy Wood

Thank you for all of the work you do each and every day to ensure the safety of kids! –  Shonia Peachey

I am so thankful and grateful that the actions were taken to secure our kids safety. I absolutely think that be cautious was a good call. Rather have my children home then wondering all day if they would be safe. – Tobi Harris

We appreciate you! Thank you for all your hard work, perseverance, dedication and commitment to keeping our children and our community safe. – The Renz Family, Lakewood

Thank you for working tirelessly behind the scenes every day to keep everyone safe! – Sharon Joplin

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