Thanks to Our Amazing Volunteers!

You may have seen one of our info tables during your Parent/Teacher Conferences this past month making sure folks knew how important this Board of Ed election is. It was a last minute decision and, as usual, we relied totally on some wonderful volunteers to help arrange for someone to man the tables and help to donate the table rental fees.

In case you didn’t know, the district’s table rental fee is $10 per table/per date. Jeffco has 155 schools and many of these schools had multiple conference dates. We do not have the financial resources to cover that expense. Since we are a grassroots non-profit, we rely totally on your donations to do the work we do.

We weren’t able to be in every school in the district, but we did a pretty good job of reaching out around the district. Thanks to some very energetic and selfless volunteers, Support Jeffco Kids had info tables for 66 parent/teacher conferences and other events in 10 of the district’s articulation areas plus a few option schools.

We’d like to share with you the names of the volunteers who helped to make this happen and extend to them a very sincere thank you (and please, if you know someone else who should be on this list, let us know).

Amazing Conference Table Volunteers

Annie Anderson
Kate Battagline
Nina Banks
Jen Barrett
Patti Besch
Gillie Bishop
Diana Bliss
Sheryl Bowen
Lorraine Bowen
Connie Briggs
Gina Viola Brown
Terri Wilcox Burke
Carrie Curtiss
Eva Frickle
Julie Friedeman
Dawn Fritz
Jen Granbery
Julie Guest
Tina Gurdikian
Nancy Hardesty
Sue Hurelle
Sheralyn Heffner
Jan Hopkins
Sue Kelver
Cynthia Kelmenson
Jeff Kirk
Kris Kraft
Meridith Lager
Cecelia Lange
Cheri Lee
Jodi Lundin
Barb McGinnis
Hope Mukai
Amy Nitta
Karyn Peabody
Marti Pilcher
Katrina Prill
Mary Ross
Lindy Reed
Maggie Ruddy
Bobbi Sanchez
Kay Slater
Kitty Strauss
Martha Tate
Toni Trebilcock
Sandy Van Ens
Laurie Valverde
Katie Vernon
Katie Winner
Phyllis Writz
Gina Writz
Mary Young

If you know any of these folks, please extend to them a big thank you and hug the next time you see them.   Support Jeffco Kids is a 100% volunteer based organization. Without your help and donations, and the generosity of folks we’ve listed here, we are and have nothing.

Thank you SJK Volunteers!

Shawna & Jonna
+ the futures of 86,000 Jeffco kids

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