Thanks, Safety, and Resources

The last 24 hours have been hard on Jeffco parents, staff, and students. To see school cancelled across the entire metro area and beyond for a threat is a first for us. Many parents and students had a sleepless night.

We are extremely grateful to the Jeffco Sheriff, FBI, other law enforcement agencies, collaborative superintendents, and our own Jeffco Safety and Security team for acknowledging that our children are our most precious resource and their work to protect them every day. Thank you to every person who responded!

As our own children are reminding us, they know what is going on. Social media is powerful in this way and their access to information is sometimes faster than our own. Struggling to understand a threat situation is an issue for both families and students and we encourage you to have conversations with your students as soon as possible. Dr. Glass and others have shared this resource to assist you –

As people discuss the events on social media, we encourage you to take the time to read the report of the Safety and Security Task Force. We are noticing that many of the conversations and posts have actually already been addressed by the work of this committee, which included parents, community members, staff, subject matter experts, and law enforcement. –

Safety And Security Task Force Update

This is likely not the last time we’ll have an event that causes stress, concern, and fear. We can work together to make our community safer for our children and we can support the work of our safety team in Jeffco, known around the world as the Gold Standard in school safety. We are grateful for the work they do every day.

We also encourage everyone to read about #NoNotoriety – and begin taking the steps to remove pictures and names from social media accounts. We’ll be doing this on our accounts as well.


There will be debate, discussion, and disagreement. Stick together, Jeffco! We are a strong village of people who care about our children and community. Remember that we are stronger together.


Thank you to everyone for following, sharing, and keeping the well-being of our children as the focus.