Thanks Representative Kraft-Tharp

Thanks to Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp!

Several teachers have brought up issues with CDE over renewing their licenses and being required to submit new fingerprints as well as the added cost to them personally. The extensive discussion appeared in a private forum on social media. Representative Kraft-Tharp noticed the discussion and looked into the issue.

We are sharing her information below for those not on social media as well as a huge thank you to this Representative for stepping up to get clarification and attempt to assist our staff.

This is the information I (Representative Kraft-Tharp) received from CDE:

Approximately 18 months ago, the FBI conducted a routine audit of CDE’s educator licensure database. During this audit, it was discovered that some records were incomplete, with many of the folks affected being individuals who received licenses prior to 2003. Of the approximately 120,000 licensees in the database, this problem impacts about 10,000. Bottom line — something went wrong in terms of transmitting the fingerprints from either CBI or FBI to CDE. And no one, including CDE, realized that until recently. CDE owns and apologizes for its part in this difficult situation.

CDE is statutorily required to ensure that all educator fingerprints are on file to ensure student safety. The Department is very aware and sympathetic to the hassle and problems this situation has created for many educators. They have explored ways to not have to require resubmission. Unfortunately, the legal advice received from the Attorney General’s office was that CDE was required to ask for resubmission and licensees were required to comply. CDE has waived the $40 fee that it typically charges for this type of submission. However, licensees still must pay the CBI fee.

The Department remains open to further discussions and promises to consider any possible solution.


While it’s certainly not the resolution we’d all like to see, we can appreciate the responsibility of CDE as well as the actions of this Representative to be responsive to the teachers in our district.

Because we know our staff is paid up to 19% less than surrounding districts, this is yet another added personal cost to our educators who are impacted. Keep this is mind.