Tentative Agreement

We were happy to see the Jeffco School District announce that a tentative agreement was reached last week between the Jefferson County Educators Association (JCEA) and the district.

Additionally, we were pleased to see that all Jeffco Public Schools employees will receive their first increase since 2003 in the amount contributed towards medical and dental premiums – that’s 14 years.

As a reminder, all Jeffco employees took a 3% reduction in salary across the board to help the district through some very difficult times in 2010, from which they have yet to be made whole. That act of selflessness in taking pay reductions to keep cuts away from our children also impacts their retirement earnings.

It’s encouraging to see a return to real collaboration between the district and our employee associations (something we lost during the tenure of WNW), as they work together toward providing competitive compensation for current and potential employees. For too long now, Jeffco has fallen behind other metro districts in this area – where we were once considered a leader in attracting the best and the brightest. Community expressed a desire, during recent Budget forums/conversations, for the Board and District to make teacher/employee compensation a priority.

We’re still not competitive with other metro districts.   Neighboring districts are in still the midst of their negotiations, so we don’t know specific dollars, but based on these numbers Director of Human Resources Amy Weber provided the Board last fall, even with this proposed increase, after other districts negotiate their increases, we will have gained minimal ground.


Based on current salary schedules of neighboring metro districts, this same teacher can now increase their salary (almost overnight), simply by taking a job working for another school district.

Jeffco, $58K
Boulder, $75K
Cherry Creek, $60K
Littleton, $58K (approx.)
Adams 12, $62K
Denver, $65K

It’s important to note, since the state’s budget may still have some changes, if state funding does not come to the district to cover the $19.5 (a 2% Cost of Living increase) the district has agreed to a minimum of 1%.

JCEA membership will begin their voting to ratify the tentative agreement on Tuesday, Apr 11th, and voting is expected to be open for voting for 2 weeks.