Take Action – Budget Survey

It’s time to take the Budget Survey. It’s not easy to make these decisions and has the sliding scale rather than ability to input actual numbers, but it’s a tool that gives us some voice in our school district and it’s imperative that you participate and ask all of your friends to do the same.

Go to the link here – http://jeffcoschools.citizenbudget.com/

Watch the video:

From the District:

Why it matters

With the failure of ballot measures 3A and 3B, the Board of Education is faced with some very difficult financial decision-making. Our district was already struggling to be competitive on compensation, and with neighboring districts passing mill levy overrides, the district is at a disadvantage in hiring and retaining employees who can make more salary for the same work in a neighboring district. On top of that, the failure of the bond, which would have relieved some of the facilities and maintenance pressures, is forcing the Board to revisit earlier decisions not to consider school closures and consolidations. Because there is no funding for new schools to meet demands in areas with increasing student enrollment other possible solutions include split schedules, year-round schools, boundary changes and busing route changes. The Board will also be looking at larger class sizes, fewer staff, program cuts and/or higher fees across the district.

The preliminary proposed budget from the state for 2017/2018 is only an estimate of funding that could fluctuate down once legislation is final in May. In addition, the state continues to use the “negative factor” to balance its budget, which is reducing dollars to Jeffco by approximately $80 million per year with a cumulative loss of $567 million since its inception in 2010/2011.

How the feedback will be used

This exercise focuses on how best to allocate or repurpose a hypothetical amount of dollars and reflects the tough choices the Board of Education faces. Although the amount is hypothetical, it offers you an opportunity to weigh in on priorities. The end result for Board of Education members will be a clear indication from the community of priorities. Results will be provided to the Board and published on the district’s website.

Timeline and Town Hall Info:

  • January 21−February 10: The online budget tool http://jeffcoschools.citizenbudget.com/ is open to gather input from the public on priority recommendations for the 2017/18 budget*
  • January 26: 2017/18 Budget Overview with Cabinet reallocation recommendations, and facilities update including 6th grade moves and possible school closures at BOE meeting
  • Feb. 1: Telephone town hall meetings at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Call 855-3312-2107*
  • Feb. 7: Telephone town hall meetings at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Call 855-3312-2107*
  • March 16: Study session on 2017/18 Budget including reports from the District Accountability Committee and community online budget tool results; BOE direction to staff anticipated
  • April 20: Special BOE meeting with Public Hearing for 2017/18 Proposed Budget and legislative update*
  • May 4: Anticipated 2017/18 Budget adoption/appropriation at BOE meeting*

Of course, public comment is always welcome at regular BOE meetings, however if comment item is not on the meeting agenda the comment period is at the end of the meeting. You may also email the Board of Education at any time.