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CORA Proves Julie Williams’ New Video Is Untrue and Insulting!

After seeing Julie William’s new Independence Institute commercial claiming bullying of her son, we submitted a CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) Request today. The response was received at 4:07PM today.

The Request: Julie Williams has claimed on a commercial that her son Randy was bullied and led a parade against her on a commercial. I know the district investigated this incident. I am requesting the hours spent investigating this issue, the personnel who worked on the investigation and the outcome of the investigation as Ms. Williams has made this public information via her commercial.

This definitively shows that Ms. Williams LIED in her claims! She accused other students of inappropriate behaviors, staff of not doing their jobs to keep students safe, cost the district more than 270 hours of staff time, and wasted more than $3780 for a bogus claim. What an insult to the very district, staff and students she is supposed to be serving!


Here’s the response so you can read and share this with everyone you know! 270 hours of video doesn’t lie! And let’s not forget that Ms. Williams and one of her political friends were caught trying to video teachers outside of this school to “catch them behaving badly,” earning her friend a no trespass order from the property for harassment.


To:     Steve Bell, Chief Operating Officer

From:  John McDonald, Executive Director Security and Emergency Management

October 13, 2014

On September 24th, 2014, I received an email from Dan McMinimee that attorney Brad Miller was asked to reach out to me by Board Member Juie Williams. Ms. Williams had informed Mr. Miller that her son, a special needs student was used as a “prop” to carry a protest sign during a parade at Standley Lake High School. 

I spoke to Mr. Miller who provided a date of September 8th, 2014 as the date the incident occurred on. I assigned the video surveillance review to Manager of Security Operations Bill Kitamura and then contacted SLHS Principal Jeff Pierson and discussed the allegations. Principal Pierson was adamant that neither a parade nor protest occurred at or in the school.

Bill Kitamura and an emergency dispatcher together reviewed 30 hours of video from 15 cameras for the September 8th, the date that was provided to us. Nothing was found to indicate a parade or protest during this time period. 

Following the video review, I contacted Mr. Miller to advise him of the findings. Mr. Miller stated that he would contact Ms. Williams and let her know that nothing was found. I advised Mr. Miller that I was happy to speak to Ms. Williams about the findings if she had further questions.

During the board meeting of October 2, 2014, Ms. Williams approached me during a break and thanked me for looking into the situation. Ms. Williams stated that it was possible that she had provided the wrong date and thought that the incident could have occurred on either September 18th, 2014 or September 22nd, 2014. I informed Ms. Williams that we would look at both dates and provide her an outcome. I contacted Principal Pierson and asked if he was aware of protest parades through the school on either of the new dates provided. Ms. Pierson stated that neither he nor his admin team were aware of any such incident. 

Bill Kitamura and two emergency dispatchers reviewed video for 9/18 and 9/22 for the period of 7am to 3pm. 120 hours of video for each day were reviewed for a total of 240 hours of total video were reviewed. Nothing was found to indicate a parade or protest during this time period. The total cost to review the videos is $3,780.14.


Following the video review, I contacted Julie Williams and advised her that we were unable to find video of such an event and unable to substantiate that such an event had occurred. I advised Ms. Williams that if she had additional dates or times this could have occurred that we would need to know soon as the video would write over as new video came online. Ms. Williams thanked me for looking however was unable to provide any further information.


End this nonsense by voting Yes to Recall Julie Williams! Yes to Recall John Newkirk! Yes to Recall Ken Witt!

Click the link below to see the original CORA


(***Note – there are a few grammatical errors contained within the report – it is posted exactly as received via CORA.)