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Resignations – Leadership Lost

Jeffco Schools used to be the epitome of collaboration and was even recognized for it Nationally.  Unfortunately, our new Board of Education has replaced this collaboration with hasty decision making, transparency issues, reduced public comment, unvalued community feedback, and a veil of secrecy and lack of accountability to our community.  Of course, this has serious impacts on our community.


Take a look at how the structure of our top leadership has changed in just a few months!

Leadership Lost

This represents a loss of the majority of the cabinet and multiple changes in other top district leadership.  That puts an undue pressure upon remaining leadership to assist and train new leadership into their roles, all while multiple other changes are being directed by our new Board of Education.  Other Jeffco leadership employees are left in the position of hanging on tight to ensure that the needs of Jeffco kids are truly met but the repercussions will slowly trickle down, as is the case in any business where there is extreme employee turnover, and is something to watch closely. 


Interesting email we just received from a Jeffco parent:

You should be alarmed by the number of resignations we are seeing in Jeffco.  Here’s the pdf of all resignations; reasons given are either “personal” or “retirement” – makes you wonder why all of these teachers/staff are leaving, doesn’t it?

  • Forty-three (43) administrator resignations have been received. 
  • Three hundred ninety (390) licensed resignations have been received. 
  • One hundred thirty-seven (137) classified resignations have been received. 

Out of curiosity, I compared 2014 resignations w/those in 2013 – seems like a pretty significant increase this year!  Here’s 2013:

  • Twenty-nine (29) administrator resignations had been received. 
  • Two hundred ninety-five (295) licensed resignations had been received. 
  • One hundred eighteen (118) classified resignations had been received. 


The community supporting our schools, the taxpayers who own properties, and the children who are depending on Jeffco Public Schools for their education can’t resign from this situation.  Our homes and families are impacted by every decision of the Jeffco Schools Board of Education.  We must ALL Support Jeffco Kids!