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220, Thank You, and Other Jeffco Numbers

AMAZING! Just since mid September, SJK hosted 220 info tables! As you know, SJK is run by volunteers, entirely! We run the organization out of our homes, cars, purses, and hearts!

The feat and logistics of covering 155 schools, several of which had their events on the same evenings, is quite an accomplishment!

Special thanks to our amazing #TeamJeffco volunteers for making this happen: Bobbi, Kay, Lorraine, Meridith, Rachael, Lorri, Mary, Jen, Karen, Jennifer, Joel, John, Nicole, Jayne, Sue, Leah, Connie, Evie, Carolyn, Leslie, Eva, Phyllis, Mandy, Dawn, Kristen, Kay, Selena, Katie, Bob, Kirsten, Jennifer, Alicia, Paul, Mary Beth, Mary Jo, Anna, Jenifer, Lisa, Jeff, Amy, Chris, Les, Brad, Amanda, Jen, Shannon, Amy, Nancy, Jessica, Robin, Larissa, Sally Kate, Karyn, Amanda, Anne, Keri, Liz, Jen, Maggie, Laura, Dawn, Jeff, Eileen, Judy, Jenny, Lisa, Ann, Kay, Ashley, Terri, Eva, Wendy, Jon, Mary, Michael, Gretchen, Ashley, Kristen, Valerie, and Tina


#YesonAmendment73 and #Yeson5A5B have a chance because of your time and dedication!

Thank you!!!

Other than the amazing 220, here are a few more Jeffco numbers for your review:

$2.5 Billion – The value of all of Jeffco Schools’ Facilities

$1.3 Billion – Jeffco Schools true facility needs actually exceed this amount

$724,729,370 – Jeffco Schools 2018/19 General Fund, NOT one billion as erroneously reported by some groups (additional dollars come from grants, PTA donations, nonprofit donations, and parent fees for things like t-shirts)

$481 Million – Jeffco has NOT received over the last 5 yrs from the State that was to be budgeted

$96 Million – in earned scholarships by Jeffco graduates in 2018

23 – Jeffco National Merit Semifinalists

12 Million – Square feet of Jeffco Schools and support buildings

115,000  – the number of people who use Jeffco School Facilities every day

3,700 – Acres of land Jeffco School District encompasses

$2,800 – Colorado spends per pupil on public education LESS than the National Average

176  – Total number of buildings belonging to the Jeffco School District

155 – Schools in Jeffco, the states’ 2nd largest school district (& largest K-12 district in state)

168 – Campuses

50 – The average age of Jeffco schools

42 – How Colorado ranks nationally in per pupil spending (CSFP)

19% – surrounding school districts pay this much MORE on average than Jeffco in salaries

770 – square miles within Jeffco Schools boundaries

65 – years providing educational excellence to Jeffco students

2 – national ranking of Colorado for educational return on investment

6,000 – graduates in 2018

4700 – teachers

14,000 – total number of staff members

86,112 – the number of students attending Jeffco Schools