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School Finance Committee


It’s more important than ever to be an advocate.

The Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance Membership was announced:


Of 10 Members, here’s the break down:

Only 4 have educator training and experience. (Buckner, Hamner, Merrifield, Zenzinger)

Only 3 have children young enough to be in school. Of those, Zenzinger sends her kids to public schools and Hill homeschools his children.

The third is trickier to explain – there was a big debacle with Leonard – he used to homeschool, got divorced, ex chose to send children to public school, and they are now at the often questioned Golden View Classical Academy. http://www.coloradoindependent.com/159081/how-charter-schools-dodge-colorado-laws

Embarrassingly, he was the first legislator in at least 40 years to serve time in jail. Leonard went to jail over education issues and contempt of court, interfering in his ex-wife’s court granted decision making authority – http://www.coloradoindependent.com/162796/state-sen-tim-leonard-contempt-charge

Legislative committees are often odd and skewed, what qualifications should one hold to make decisions for our children? Should they at least have current experience with public schools and what happens within those walls? Should they required to attend training provided by real, licensed, highly qualified educators?

Perhaps they should have to at least listen to presentations from Great Education Colorado, the Colorado School Finance Project, the Colorado Fiscal Institute, and a room full of Colorado Superintendents. Then perhaps a meeting with the big stakeholders – educators and parents.

Here’s another article from ChalkBeat with more information: