Superintendent Search Proposals

We are back to open records requests as the proposals for the superintendent search were not included in Board docs from the past meeting.

The Board did choose the lowest price of the firms that responded:

  • Zilo $40,000

  • CASB $37,850

  • Ray and Associates $34,000

Following past experience, we may have been inclined to advocate for a firm other than what was experienced in the past search as well as keeping the work to be performed locally by a firm such as CASB but we support the fiduciary duty and obligation of the Board.

Side note, one of those proposed in the CASB team was Shawna’s 6th grade teacher and a fantastic supporter of public education. This is one of the perks of CASB, a very long history of public education support and knowledge.

Regardless, the Board had a fiduciary duty to perform and at a time when Jeffco Schools is in dire need of the strongest leadership possible and every dollar matters, they made the correct decision.

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CASB Response — RFQ 24230 — REDACTED

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