Superintendent Search

The district website has a new landing page for superintendent search updates.

The page currently includes the following update, along with the links to the previous press releases and the search timeline:

The Jefferson County School Board met in regular session on March 9, to discuss the most recent steps and updates in the search for Jeffco’s new superintendent.

“The more we do to incorporate community input into the superintendent qualifications, the more comfortable we can be that this will be a successful process,” said Ron Mitchell. “We are committed to a transparent, collaborative approach to select the best leader to move Jeffco forward and help us to become the best education system.”

The search firm, Ray & Associates, reviewed nearly 3,900 surveys and more than 1,000 comments submitted through in-person meetings, interviews, and community gatherings regarding this search. Using the community and Board input, Ray & Associates will finalize the qualifications to be highlighted and used to finalize the superintendent profile for the application process.

The next steps in the process include promoting the position and gathering applications materials from candidates for the April 10 deadline. Later in April, Ray & Associates will present top candidates to the Board to select candidates for final interviews.


The website for Ray and Associates has the job link posted here –

Their link to the district website is currently incorrect, but we’ve alerted them to this error.

Just under 3900 people weighed in on the Superintendent Survey. This includes responses from teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, students, non-parent community members, “others,” and the Board of Education. No information was provided as to the numbers for each category, additionally, no information was provided as to what the “other” category consisted of.

Collectively, here are the top five qualities the community noted it would like our new leader to exhibit:

  1. Inspires trust, self-confidence, and models high standards.
  2. Strong communicator; speaking, listening, and writing.
  3. Has leadership skills to respond to challenges of ethnic and cultural diversity.
  4. Strongly committed to “student first” philosophy in all decisions.
  5. Work cooperatively with the board and keeps members informed.

Also interesting to note the items that were at the very end of the list, denoting they were not priorities out of the 33 listed in the survey:

  • Instructional and administrative integration of technology.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work with the media. (This was a higher priority for the board members, as it should be! There have been quite a few quotes from district leadership that were quite embarrassing. We do agree with the board on this item though it could probably be categorized under communication rather than a separate item.)
  • Non-traditional or “hybrid” with background in military, business and/or education.  Clearly, the community has put this item on the very end of this survey as well as that from 3 years ago. Our community has made it clear that they want an experienced educator.