Superintendent Search

Ray & Associates is still carrying out a five step process in the search for JeffCo’s Superintendent:

  1. Board Input and Preparation
  2. Profile Development and Process
  3. Recruiting and Screening
  4. Candidate Presentation
  5. Selection of Finalist and Future Planning


Following is the timeline that was handed out:


According to Ray & Associates, we are currently in Stage 2 – Profile Development and Process


Ray and Associates proposed several questions in an informal, large group discussion:

Management Style – What kind of management style are we looking for in a superintendent?  A few of the themes that emerged:

–          Clear communication

–          Ability to project principles of management and vision

–          Have buy-in by all stakeholders

–          Someone who understands political, educational and leadership qualities

–          Ability to negotiate different personalities

–          Innovative

–          Maintain high degree of outcomes for kids

–          Collaborative (not agenda based)

–          Ease current staff concerns so they can get back to what they need to do

–          Maintain strong administration at the cabinet level, recognizing current strong talent

–          Build capacity on school board collaboratively

–          Need someone to figure out why people are now wanting to leave

–          Change and uncertainty need to be addressed immediately


Critical Issues – What are the critical issues facing the district right now:

–          Retention and continuity of talent

–          Address insecurity of community

–          Identification and hiring of candidate by mid-May?


Significant Strengths – What are the significant strengths of the district?

–          Large district; contends well with diversity

–          Academically strong

–          Continuity – education and personnel must continue

–          Diverse offerings of classes, programs, electives, activities, etc.

–          Negotiations between board and union have been mutually beneficial – this must continue

–          Anticipation of mandates from the Federal level

–          Professional development of staff to address needs of each school and area; instructional coaches, etc.


Community Strengths – What are the strengths of the community?

–          Parental involvement

–          Organizations and companies feel sense ofpride, involvement and ownership

–          Decisions are driven by what’s best for kids

–          Challenging

–          Diversity

–          Educated, involved community – we need someone to reach out to the community


Three Qualities – what are your top three qualities in a superintendent

–          Communication skills

–          Someone who has been in education (there was some discussion about hybrid candidates; some hesitation)

–          Ability to work with the BOE

–          Expertise in instruction and management

–          No pre-established agenda

–          Work to bring board to concensus

–          RESTORE CONFIDENCE AND TRUST (an overwhelming theme)


Ray and Associates is willing to extend the search beyond the deadline if necessary!

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