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Every bit of research shows you can make a huge educational difference for children simply by reading to them! Books ARE that important! That’s why we love our Jeffco Teacher Librarians so much!

Make sure YOU participate in the Summer Reading Program

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Let’s Read a Marathon

Summer Reading… and some are not. Kids need to read and keep their minds active over the summer or they stand to lose up to two months of learning progress. This is called the summer slide. Think about this: Research shows that a child who reads only one minute a day outside of school will learn 8,000 words by the end of sixth grade, where a student who reads 20 minutes a day outside of school will learn 1,800,000 words! Our Summer Reading program helps prevent the summer slide because it’s easy, fun, and there are motivational prizes that keep you reading! We’re providing splendid staff picks to keep everyone reading all summer long. Lace up your reading shoes and let’s read a marathon 26.2 million minutes.

Go Read. Go!

Register anytime from June 1–July 31. You’ll need a valid email address to get started. Hit the track and start logging your reading time.

Register – as an individual or a family/group.

Sign up with one email to log minutes as an individual, family or group. Once you’re registered, you can add family members as “readers” without requiring additional email addresses.

Log minutes.

Log minutes online and record your Summer Reading time whenever it’s convenient for you. You can log every day or enter your totals each week. Either way, you’ll have a “running” total online to track progress toward your reading goals.

Everyone receives a “starting line” water bottle (or sippy cup) just for registering and then you simply start reading toward your goal. You’ll earn a prize when you’re halfway there.  Waiting for you at the finish line when you complete your reading goal is a cool book – and a high five because you’re awesome. Pick up prizes at your library (while supplies last).

Recommended Personal Best Reading Goals

Ages 0–3  Read, sing, talk, play, write and laugh together.  Complete 24 activities with your child.

Ages 4–18  Read for 8 hours

Ages 19+  Read for 16 hours

If you need to make changes to your reading time or have other  questions about your Summer Reading account, contact us at  303-235-5275 or drop by your Library.

Go Read. Go!

Below are printable handouts!

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