Stop for a moment and answer this one question

We received this great email earlier today and wanted to share:


Stop for a moment and answer this one question:

Who will stand up for my child if I won’t?


Your child gets one shot. 


One first day of kindergarten whether it is full day or half day, free or not. 


One shot at the best teachers in this district.  One shot to grab hold of opportunities in our neighborhood schools.  One shot to explore outside of themselves and ask those big questions in science class.  One shot to stand up and express their view in a history class, questioning our past, challenging our present, and changing the future.  One shot. 


I’m standing up because my children deserve the absolute best opportunity to become the insightful, positive, powerful, peaceful, changers and doers that they will be.  My children can change the world and I will do everything I can do to make sure that they do. 


Why are you standing up?  And, if you aren’t standing up and speaking out, why not?


Again, I ask you to stop and ask yourself this one question and then really take the time to give yourself an answer:

Who will stand up for my child if I won’t?


ACT, VOTE, DONATE, STAND UP for your children (niece, nephew, grandchildren, future, freedom, public education, etc.)

Start here:



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