Stick With Us

With President-Elect Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos as his Education Secretary, we don’t know what the future holds for public education in the U.S. and what that will mean for Colorado.   We’d be lying if we denied our concerns over both her support for vouchers as well as the new administration’s outspoken support for vouchers.

We accept that we can have little direct impact on what decisions are made at the federal level; but that doesn’t mean we won’t try by strongly lobbying our Colorado members of Congress.

Closer to home, here in Colorado, here in Jeffco; we have some great challenges that lie ahead.

  • As so many of us have noted, Colorado already underfunds public education. Until something at the state level changes, neither will the Negative Factor.
  • Our district failed to pass the largest mill/bond in its history.   Say what you want about why it failed; the end result is still the same, it failed.   So our students (and their parents) and our schools (and our staff) will feel the impact. Our entire community will ultimately be affected.
  • As we look ahead to 2017, we know we have 3 Jeffco board of education seats up for election in November.   We all fought hard for these seats in 2015.   We now have to face the reality of risking another heartbreak, as we did in 2013 (when Witt, Newkirk and Williams won those seats), if we don’t work together.

We know our community has been through a lot over the last three years. Our strongest and most passionate supporters and public education advocates are all feeling a little tired.

We aren’t asking a lot (right now), but we are asking you to Stick With US. The easiest and most important thing we can all do while we go through the process of resting and re-energizing is to just share information. Let’s make sure we are sharing accurate information.   If we come across someone we know would and should be a supporter, but is out of the info loop, let’s bring them in with open arms.

SJK will continue to research and share important information about our district, our schools, and state or federal decisions or trends that impact public education in Jeffco. We urge you to stay in touch and work with us as a supporter and partner.

You are reading this message because you are already a deeply valued supporter. Please share it.   Stick With Us as we work to support ALL kids in Jefferson County.

Shawna & Jonna
Support Jeffco Kids


Our mission is to educate the Jeffco Community on the importance of supporting public education for ALL kids in Jeffco, inform the community on current events, and to support a school board that understands the importance of educating all 86,000 students in Jeffco.